If You Still Can’t Nail Your Cat Eyeliner, This One’s For You

While many Latinas are lucky to have a steady hand to rock flawless eyeliner every time, some Latinas out there still have some work to do.

So there’s this idea that ALL Latinas are blessed with the gift of winged eyeliner.


There’s Maria Felix…

"No tengo mal carácter, pero tengo carácter!"

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Rita Moreno…

Another perfect being.

And Kat von D, to name (very few).

Yes, she’s the queen of the cat eye.

But if you’re not that great at it, you often question your Latina-ness.


Because you very often end up looking like this:

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The smokey eye doesn’t always look as sexy as you think it will.

You go out and stock up on the best products…

You have to have the best tools, right?

You follow all the amazing Latina beauty bloggers out there.

? @vegas_nay "grand glamour" top lashes & @flutterlashesinc "petite" bottom lashes

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Seriously, like, how?

But, it just doesn’t work out.


Not gonna happen.

No matter how many layers you try.

When someone else does your liner…


Your prima or best friend will usually be the pros.

Everyone will say, “You look SOOO good!”


As if you didn’t without that black line over your lid.

But if you’re a girl who just doesn’t like eyeliner and prefers a bare face…

That’s fine!

Show off your estilo and personality with whatever makes you most comfortable.


Whether it’s hair or sunglasses or nails.

Because that fierce confidence is all that you really need.

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…With or without makeup.


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What are your struggles with trying to do a perfect cat-eye?  Let us know!