Kat Von D Just Showed Off The Exclusive Lipstick She’s Going To Gift To Her Wedding Guests

credit: @thekatvond/ Instagram

Just when I thought that I’d gotten over my envy for everyone who got to attend the Royal Wedding, my fave Latina Goth Queen had to go and make a major announcement about her upcoming nuptials. For those of you who follow Kat Von D as closely as I do, you already know that the tattoo artist/ beauty magnate/ vegan shoe designer/ future mom will be heading down the aisle with her longtime partner, Rafael Reyes pretty soon.

What some of you might have missed is that earlier this month, the beauty cosmetics powerhouse is coming out with a very new, very exclusive, very not for you product for her wedding.

Von D revealed her custom lipstick for her wedding guests on Instagram on Wednesday.


In a post to her Instagram page, Von D revealed the dazzling gold and black lipstick color that she and her husband created for their wedding guests. She also revealed that the product would not be hitting shelves any time soon. “How amazing is my @katvondbeauty team?! They made us our very own WEDDING LIPSTICK!! This one-of-a-kind black lipstick with large flecks of gold glitter will not be for sale – and instead will be given to each of our guests that are attending our wedding as a keepsake from @prayers and me. ???? Thank you,” she wrote in the post.

Shots of the wedding gift reveal that the packaging is leaning all the way into the couple’s Latino roots.

CREDIT: @thekatvond / Instagram

Von D showed off the lipstick’s packaging and revealed that the product is vegan AND features the phrase “En vida y en muerte.” Seeing that this message is a pretty popular one for the couple, who use it to hashtag their photos together often, I’m gonna bet that this will be part of their wedding hashtag… Any takers?

She also did a makeup swatch of the lipstick for fans to see the unique color.

CREDIT: @thekatvond / Instagram

In a post to her Instagram stories, the Mexican-born tattoo artist showed off the black lipstick and its glittery gold sheen.

Fortunately, for those of us not attending, Von D has been sharing nuggets from her future wedding on her Instagram.

Last week, the tattoo artist revealed photos from her cake testing and shared that the couple plans to go totally vegan for the food at their reception. (How Kat is that though?)

Guys, this wedding is going to be one royally gothic show and I cannot wait for Kat to tie the knot / my invite!

(Seriously though, anyone know how to get me in?)


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