Kat Von D’s New Gothic Candle Line Is Being Produced By The Same Candlemaker Featured During Her Wedding Vows

credit: thekatvond / Instagram

Last year, in March 2018,  La Reina de la Burla Kat Von D teased her followers with sketches of her plans to revive her discontinued Saint + Sinner fragrances and had her millions of followers in a tizzy. The makeup mogul stoked the flame of excitement by releasing mock-ups of an accompanying set of candles for those so in love with the fragrance that they wanted to set the mood for their homes.

Now, more than a year later, Von D has announced that candles are finally here and fans won’t have to wait much longer to get them lit.

A year and six months ago, Von D released sketches of her candle designs that blew us away.

Kat revealed her plans to have the Saint+Sinner candles made to match the two fragrances of her perfume line and also have the design laser cut into the candle holders into negative space linework so that the flames from the candles would light up the design through the glass.

Kat’s latest reveal shows the candles live up to all that she had planned and more.

The new candles feature the laser cut designs, Von D had mused about, come with the Kat Von D Beauty logo on the front. The decadent candle set also includes a drip candle set. According to Von D the stunning candles are produced by the vegan candle company Biren & Co, which is the same candle line behind Von D’s tattooing station which is decked out in the most dramatic and goth glam candle pillars. They’re also the same company that set Von D up with her breathtaking altar of candles for her wedding.

The word is still out on when the Saint + Sinner candle collection will be released but Von D says the details should come out on her Instagram page soon. So keep a lookout, and until then don’t let the images make you melt too much!


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