Lip Smacker’s New Latinx-Inspired Collection Is As Refreshing As Actually Drinking An Agua Fresca On A Hot Summer Day

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Summer is here, which makes it the unofficial season of aguas frescas. Is there a more iconic Mexican summer drink? Unfortunately refills, like guac, usually cost extra. So before you blow all your dinero, make sure you pick up Lip Smacker’s new Aguas Fresca collection. It’s inspired by our favorite fresca flavors, which will satisfy your fix without breaking the bank.

The collection features five flavors total, including four new tropical fruit fusion flavors like Peach Mango, Strawberry Orange, Guava Pineapple and Tropical Passion Fruit, as well as the fifth and final one, Horchata — since no aguas frescas selection would be complete without it.

Flavorwise, it smells so much like the real thing you might try to drink your own lips.

That’s because Lip Smacker takes authenticity very seriously; in fact, the brand’s tagline is “Best Flavor Forever,” and they mean it literally. According to Bustle, if the final product doesn’t deliver an accurate sensory experience true to its desired flavor profile, the brand won’t release it. Imagine all the rejected frescas flavors! Maybe that’s why Tamarind didn’t make the cut.

The entire Aguas Frescas collection is online and in mass market retailers now. You can pick up the Aguas Frescas Lip Balm 4 Pack for $12.99, which comes with every flavor except Tropical Passion Fruit, or grab your fave for $3.95 a pop. It’s limited edition and will only be available through summer or until it sells out, so you might want to grab your favorites before they’re gone forever.

It’s worth it. Not only will all five flavors keep your lips soft and hydrated while simultaneously giving you a legitimate taste of your favorite bebida, this collection also represents something more. Up until now, none of Lip Smacker’s prior releases has positively showcased and celebrated flavors so deeply steeped within the Latinx culture. That’s a major miss, especially since it seems like there’s an existing Lip Smacker for every flavor of soda, coffee, candy and cookie that ever existed.

They’re all delicious in their own right, but where are the flavors inspired by desserts actually worth the calories?

We’d pay good money for a lip balm that even remotely reminded us of abuela’s homemade arroz con leche.

Thankfully, Lip Smacker’s new Aguas Frescas Collection puts Latinx culinary tradition front and center without minimizing or ridiculing it, and it’s a major, meaningful win for Latinx inclusivity in beauty brand representation.

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Now, we mentioned that all the fruit flavors in the collection are new, but the Horchata flavor is not. It was originally launched in 2015 along with Sriracha as part of Lip Smacker’s limited edition, terribly named, highly problematic “Wacky Flavors” collection. The flavors have nothing to do with each other, but the brand grouped them together in a collection that failed to celebrate or even differentiate their respective cultures and origins. Even worse, the original packaging on the Horchata flavor featured artwork of a sombrero-wearing, mustache-sporting “Mexican” holding a stick of cinnamon, which badly missed the mark. Finally, the name of the collection itself was off putting. Wacky?! What exactly about Horchata or Sriracha is wacky?

Granted, Lip Smacker probably named the collection “wacky” in the sense that both flavors are not typical lip balm flavors. Still, that lack of foresight was both insulting and confusing, and when the limited edition run disappeared from stores, no one was disappointed.

But just as most Latinxs grow up drinking aguas frescas, nearly everyone has an early beauty memory tied to Lip Smacker.

It’s nostalgic, it’s affordable, it’s effective and, for many, it’s the gateway product to lipstick.

So of course we’d love to see flavors that draw from our heritage in a positive, thoughtful way. That’s exactly why we’re so excited about the Aguas Frescas collection.

In all transparency, the brand does have a Cinnamon Churro Frappe flavor, but it’s formulated to taste more like a blended cinnamon coffee than a churro. It was also released as part of coffee-inspired collection and doesn’t really conjure up any Latinx influence, so it doesn’t count. The brand has also said they’ve tried to formulate a guacamole flavor several times, but it’s never come out quite right. Considering how badly Horchata’s original design was, we thought it a good thing Lip Smacker was staying away from culturally-derived flavors.

Well, Lip Smacker proved us wrong. They got woke, educated themselves on cultural sensitivity, ditched the terrible packaging and upped the cuteness factor. Every flavor in the Aguas Fresca collection is housed in an adorable beverage cup design, with artwork depicting only photos of the flavor’s ingredient profile. The miniature cup design is topped with ice and a straw, which then twists open to reveal your balm.

Basically, they’re tiny versions of actual agua frescas!

(Photo Credit: Instagram / @lipsmackerbrand)

We’re also stoked the brand kept the Spanish phrase for the name of the collection. They could have easily given us some lazy, terrible English translation like “Mexican-Style Juice.” That, along with picking fruit combination flavors that actually exist in aguas frescas recipes, shows they actually took their time with this collection and proves that any brand, no matter how big, can and should learn from past mistakes. That’s a big step for inclusivity in the beauty industry, which is just as refreshing as actually drinking an agua fresca on a hot summer day.

Now that we’ve got Aguas Frescas covered, we’re totally down with the brand releasing flavors inspired by other popular Mexican snacks: Mango con Chile, Cucumber Limon, maybe a Chocolate Mole … the possibilities are endless. If anyone from Lip Smacker is reading this and needs more suggestions, we’ll be in our office reapplying our Horchata lip balm and licking Hot Cheetos dust off our fingers.

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