M.A.C. Cosmetics Latest Post On Instagram Shows A Model With Peach Fuzz And I Just Want To Buy All Of Their Products Now

It isn’t every day we get to see women as they are on the cover and posts of major beauty brands. As an Afro-Latina with a particularly generous amount of body hair, at a younger age, it was hard for me to conceptualize how women on magazines could look so natural and free of the hair that bristled lovingly around my lips and across cheeks, legs, arms, toes, etc. Their dolphin-slick skin made me feel as if I immediately needed to find ways to wax, strip, shave, sugar, and thread my own off no matter the cost, pain or literal scars it would leave behind. It’s why when I recently heard about M.A.C. Cosmetics latest effort to normalize body hair, I felt super SEEN.

In two separate posts over the weekend, M.A.C. Cosmetics let all the hairs fly loose. 

Showing off their newest colors and lines the makeup brand opted out of erasing facial hair from their closeup lip shots. The results meant that the high-gloss, high-definition photos featured models and their real lips (cracks, pores, peach fuzz and all!). And you better believe Latinas were all about that embrace.

Comments from Latinas from across the globe ranged from emoji applause to full paragraphs of what M.A.C.’s imagery meant to them. “Es perfecto,” wrote @fashion_world_2023 while user @leticia.taleb said “Congratulations @maccosmetics for not (apparently) retouching your photo!!!! We are all human beings, and that also means we have hairs in our upper lips !!!! Judging people: look at yourself in the mirror before criticising someone!!!.”

Lynn Gonzalez, a user who goes by the name @beyond_mars18 on Instagram wrote “This is beautiful and realistic. I’m a fair woman and always have to worry about my darker facial hair, but I appreciate my editorial natural stache most days.”

In the land of Photoshop, poreless, hairless, stretchmark and cellulite-free women run free without abandon. Their “perfect” images can be a wonder to look at for those of us, particularly those whose Latinx-roots, who are particularly hairy. Body hair has been an “issue” battled by beauty brands and consumers alike for decades, it’s nice to see that this time around there’s a beauty brand out to fight for the real image of women in our full hairy glory.


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