Anyone Who Isn’t A Pro At Putting On Red Lipstick Will Relate To This

The image of Latina women in pop culture and entertainment are usually centered around glamorous hair and outfits, and vibrant red lipstick. Makeup is a huge part of our culture, but here’s how it is when you’re a Latina who hasn’t quite gotten the lipstick thing down.

Growing up, red lipstick was synonymous with the “Latina look.”

It happened a lot.

 I mean, even Junot Diaz wrote about the connection of the color with Latinas and the quote is so beautiful we are not going to complain.

You can find this beautiful quote in “This is How You Lose Her.”

Your mom, tías and abuelas were always rocking red lips.

Did your mom or tía even kiss you if she didn’t leave a lipstick mark?

But some of us weren’t always comfortable with red lipstick or ANY makeup.

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Your mami had to beg you to put any makeup on but, why did I need more attention as an awkward 15 year old?

Any time a party or event came up, mami would tell you, “pintate los labios!”

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And you’d whip out your chapstick or light lip gloss.

When you did attempt to try on red lipstick, you expected to feel like this:

22 years later and still an inspiration♥️ #Queen #SelenaQuintanilla??#22anniversary

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The patron saint of red lipstick.

…But instead felt like this:

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Not cute.

Your primas took every opportunity to try to doll you up.


And say things like, “You see! You’d look sooo pretty if you tried!”

You celebrated the beginning of the nude lipstick trend.

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Yay! No effort and you can slide under the radar.

When you told people you didn’t wear much lipstick, they’d ask you, “But aren’t you Latina?”

Sure, those are all amazing, but it’s not everything.

So you started to question your Latina-ness…


…But you remind yourself to step out of your comfort zone…

Practice makes perfect.

…And maybe rock some other incredible colors.

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Trying to explain this to the fam might be a whole other story, but you got this!

But even if you don’t like makeup and the idea of bright, red lips…


…You’re still a beautiful Latina because we all look amazing in every shade, let’s be real.

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Are you a Latina that hasn’t mastered the red lip? Or have you rocked them since you can remember? Let us know!