This Cubana-Owned Eyeshadow Palette Has All The Tropical Shades You’ll Want To Rock This Summer

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From Fenty Beauty’s vast foundation range to coverboys, high-end and drugstore cosmetic brands alike are making attempts to reach markets that have long been overlooked. So during a time when differences are “in,” it’s surprising how little these brands, with all their money and influence, have done to embrace Latinx cultures in their products.

With an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars worth of spending power in the United States alone, Latinxs are some of the biggest investors in beauty products. Knowing this, it’s important to put our money behind women of color-owned brands, ones that uplift us in all the ways we’re not when we take out our brushes in the morning and apply shimmery eyeshadows like “Trust Fund Baby” to our lids.

Picking up on big brands’ slack is Alamar Cosmetics, a new beauty company offering eyeshadows and brushes that speak to Latinas. The brand, which debut last month, is currently selling an eyeshadow palette called Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 that is inspired by Cuban culture. The vibrant shades include a Cafecito brown, Guantanamera red, Varadero blue and a golden Malecón, among other Caribbean treats.

(Photo Credit: Instagram / @alamarcosmetics)

“It was important to introduce my brand to the world with themes and names that meant a lot to me and would resonate with anyone that shares my culture,” owner and makeup artist Gabriela Trujillo told FIERCE. “Alamar Cosmetics as a whole is for everyone, but this palette is for las Reinas Del Caribe.”

The Miami-based artist, who named her biz after the Cuban city she was born in, Alamar, said she was inspired to launch her company after watching fierce African-American women start lines that empower their community.

“I saw that minorities benefited from seeing themselves represented in a brand, and I wanted to do the same for my people and to bring our culture into the world of beauty. I also felt I needed to create makeup that doesn’t marginalize anybody,” she said.

(Photo Credit: Instagram / @alamarcosmetics)

Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 has already made its way into popular monthly beauty subscription boxes like BoxyCharm and onto the faces of famous influencers. Fellow cubana Kathleen Lights is one of the palette’s biggest supporters, calling it “a tropical getaway dream” in a recent tutorial.

Instagram MUA Darlene Abreu, who recently took over Alamar Cosmetic’s Instagram for a tutorial, called the palette “amazing,” even noting that each shadow is soft, rich and great for beginners and MUAs alike.

“The brand represents a huge part of our culture as Latinos. Regardless of where we are from, we all share similar customs and traditions, and being able to wear and support a Latina-based makeup brand makes me proud,” the dominicana told us.

(Photo Credit: Instagram / @abreu.darlene)

According to Trujillo, this is entirely her aim for Alamar Cosmetics: bring attention to Latinas in beauty and shine a spotlight on Latinx creators, especially newcomers.

“I knew I wanted to make something that was reasonably priced, high quality and inspired by Latin culture. Alamar Cosmetics can represent inclusion and perseverance, regardless of your ethnicity, whether you’re an immigrant like me, or not,” she said.

And Trujillo isn’t stopping with her first palette. The business woman is already working on Volume 2 of Reina Del Caribe, which she describe as Volume 1’s “bold, fearless, atrevida older sister who lives for the night life.”

(Photo Credit: Instagram / @alamarcosmetics)

For now, you can purchase her super-pigmented palette, which retails for $28, at Alamar Cosmetics, as well as a green-hued Ojitios Brush Trio, priced at $18.00.

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