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This Latina Beauty Blogger is Documenting Her Acne Struggles To Help Others Like Her

We live in a culture where hiding who you are, particularly on social media, is accepted as normal. From nip/tucks to Instagram filters, it’s rare social media users see the real “warts and all” picture when scrolling through their feed. That’s why Latina beauty blogger Rocio Cervantes is such a breath of fresh air in the online beauty world. Although her profession makes her part of a world that Photoshops and Facetunes every picture within an inch of its life, Cervantes is upfront about her ongoing struggle with cystic acne.

Cervantes has made it her mission abolish the stigma around acne–a skin condition that affects millions of Latinas.

Cervantes first made waves back in September when she showcased a truly creative way to deal with her acne. In a Youtube video titled “You Are Beautiful, Acne Or Not”, Cervantes created one of her classic full coverage looks with a twist. But this time, she refused to conceal her imperfections. Instead, she put star-shaped stickers over her blemishes and applied her foundation as usual. This technique created a “starburst” effect around her acne that resulted in a face full of beautiful constellations.

Cervantes explained that this creative look of making stars out of her blemishes “came out of frustration”,after she was “thinking of how it would be if [she] didn’t have acne”. According to her, shortly after having this thought, she felt ashamed for wishing she were any different because she realized that she’s perfect the way she is. but don’t see themselves reflected in the media.

To many, Cervantes is a body-positive role model for people who struggle with their skin.

“I hope acne and this skin acceptance continues to be an open topic,” Cervantes said. “Because it’s important that acne or any skin condition is normalized”.

In her latest effort, Cervantes is experimenting with foundation for the greater good dealing with acne.

Cervantes has continued to break barriers with her honest and candid conversations about her acne struggle, most recently creating a series of videos where she tries out and reviews foundation made for acne-prone skin. The series, entitled “Acne vs. Foundation”, discusses everything from products’ shade range to their coverage (or lack thereof). And if that doesn’t convince you to subscribe, Cervantes even conducts her tutorials in Spanish makeup on occasion.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Cervantes has quite a few loyal Latina fans on Twitter.

This Twitter user recognized how groundbreaking Cervantes’ work is–and how the online beauty community needs more gurus like her.

This Latina gave Cervantes props for using makeup as a means to uplift and inspire:

Makeup may seem frivolous to some people, but to many, it’s a means of self-expression.

This Latina let Cervantes know that her “Starburst” Acne-Normalizing look was worth celebrating:

Cervantes’ whole aim behind revealing her flaws is to make a positive impact on the online beauty community.

This Latina just wanted to blow up Cervantes’ artistic skills, which are definitely worth mentioning:

Not only is Cervantes a trailblazer, but she’s talented too.

This woman let Cervantes know how her work was impacting her life personally:

Sometimes, all it takes is a role model to make people feel less alone in the world. Cervantes’ transparency with her acne struggle is all some people will need to feel more confident in their own skin.

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Latinas Make Up Almost Half Of The Women In The Military, For A Time Your Favorite Beauty Blogger Was Part Of That Number

Fierce Boss Ladies

Latinas Make Up Almost Half Of The Women In The Military, For A Time Your Favorite Beauty Blogger Was Part Of That Number

Fans of Dulce Candy might know her best as a Beauty YouTuber to many of her followers, but long before she was teaching followers how to blend it like a celeb she was serving as a soldier in Iraq. Women have been a presence in the United States army for decades and have worked to serve and defend the country for just as many. Latinas make up a massive part of that pool. In 2015, a profile of the military community revealed that Latinas cover 48 percent of the women in the U.S. military. For followers of the Mexican-American beauty blogger, it’s clear Dulce Candy has quite a bit of pride for her time serving in the military as a soldier in Iraq.

Following a series of extreme life experiences, the veteran enlisted in the army with a green card when she was eighteen.

Dulce has been open with fans about her bouts of depression and suicide as well as a time in which she often acted out at school. “I had zero self-worth—I thought things would never be better. If I could go back, I’d tell my younger self that she’s beautiful and worthy. I’ve learned to love the little girl I used to be, and who I am today,” Dulce told in an interview. In a blog about finding confidence in herself, Dulce revealed that it wasn’t until she started working at a Carls Jr. and soon after enlisted in the military that she found confidence in herself. “I went through basic training and my AIT training I went through that and I was still feeling confident and met this amazing drill sergeant that changed my whole life and ay of thinking he really shipped me into shape because I was a really wild teen.”

Candy also revealed that her time in the military also saw her in a period where her confidence took an extreme dip.

After becoming subject to intense ridicule from a different sergeant she was often made to question her self-worth. “He was the biggest A-hole to me and he was an A-hole to me truth be told because he thought I was trying to get away with things because of my looks.”

Still, even despite the toll this particular sergeants treatment of her had on her confidence, Dulce has often expressed extreme pride in her time serving the country. “There’s a lot of things that I love from [my time in the miltary],” Candy gushed in a video from her early days as a blogger. 

Check out Dulce Candy’s video about her time in the military below!

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5 Acne Positive Latina Beauty Bloggers To Follow For The Best Acne Journey Stories

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5 Acne Positive Latina Beauty Bloggers To Follow For The Best Acne Journey Stories

From the 7+ million beauty videos that make up the vlogs on Youtube, it’s easy to tell that not everyone has picture-perfect skin. From eczema to rosacea, you can catch them all being exposed on Youtube, whether inadvertently or not, as vloggers expose and prep their skin on screen for the ultimate makeovers. When it comes to acne, the most common skin condition to affect 50 million men and women across the U.S., exposure to the very real skin condition online is no different. In recent years, thanks to the normalization of skin conditions, YouTubers have brought a heavy dose of reality to the mainstream beauty industry, reminding audiences that none of us have poreless, flawless skin. Latina bloggers have been a huge part of this exposure.

Here’s a look at 5 Latina beauty bloggers slaying the game all while dealing with acne.

Rocio Cervantes

The self-described makeup addict has been dealing with acne since she was 17 years old. Now 25, the Latina beauty blogger has worked to speak about all of the issues that can be caused by acne including depression, anxiety, and stress. While Cervantes often reveals her acne marks and scars on her pages, she’s often been honest about feeling a need to hide them. “If anyone watched my IG stories then you would know I’ve been dealing with a lot of breakouts that cause me to not be able to put on makeup for days or even weeks it’s very stressful, depressing and sad because I am so passionate about makeup and putting out content for y’all!”

Follow her here: rocioceja_

Monica Style Muse

View this post on Instagram

I’ve partnered up with @muradskincare to bring to you my acne story! For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with some type skin issues whether it was eczema all over my face or break outs that came right after it. I remember my skin was sooo bad that one day in high school I begged my mom to not let me go to school that day because I was so embarrassed. To cover up my MANCHAS I would use foundation to apply it on my irritated areas let’s just say that didn’t go to well. The idea of doing a YouTube video with out Makeup literally became my worse nightmare but one day I showed my face to the world and it was the most liberating feeling! From that moment on I decided no more hiding, no more feeling like my skin was going to hinder my decisions, so I put my insecurities out to the world and made it a routine to ALWAYS show my face bare before applying my makeup. Now that I’ve started using the new @muradskincare Outsmart Acne clarifying treatment my skin has dramatically improved and people can see it! I literally apply this product on my blemishes and in days I see results! Thanks to @muradskincare people can see that I’m more than just my acne, I’m a person who has so much to offer to the world! Let’s flaunt our skin!! I dare you to do the same! Never let the perception of what Beauty is to other people make you feel like you’re not good enough! You are perfect just the way you are! #Ad #muradskincare

A post shared by Monicastylemuse (@monicastylemuse) on

Speaking about her acne struggles, the beloved Dominican beauty blogger explained that she has dealt with acne on her face, back, beck and chest. “My skin has already gone through it all,” the blogger said about her experience trying the brand Curology. The beauty blogger has said that to help clear her acne she drinks water, has cleaned up her diet and eliminating dairy and fried food.

Follow her here: Monicastylemuse

Lee Figueroa

This New York-based vlogger has over 355K followers and an honest voice.  about her struggles with acne. Two years ago Figueroa documented her Accutane journey and has since gone on to speak openly about dealing with depression and anxiety due to reoccurring pimples. “My anxiety skyrocketed, my depression skyrocketed I had horrible panic attacks, I wasn’t really having suicidal thoughts but I was thinking of ways that I could commit suicide,” Figueroa said about dealing with her acne.

Follow her here.

Annette Ruiz

Ruiz’s followers love her beauty blogs for her honesty and openness. The U.S.-based blogger has been extremely frank to her bloggers about everything from her complications with a botched breast augmentation to dealing with persistent acne and using makeup to cover it up. “I was using the Black African soap, but it got to a point where my skin wasn’t taking anything from the soap and it wasn’t reacting to the soap,” she explained in one video about finding her ultimate fix for acne through the NYX line.

Follow her here.

Laura Quintero

View this post on Instagram

**This is how my skin has changed this month** It has been a tough month since I got diagnosed with #PCOS. I didn't knew why I was growing so much facial hair and weird hormonal acne. The medicines that my doctor sent me made it worse so I'm trying to approach it differently with more plant based diet and trying to take better care of my skin when my mood let's me ???????? This is my skin with good makeup, it took me 15 min , no filter, just improvement. What you put in your skin & eat matters. It goes into your blood system. •• Ha sido un mes dificil desde que me diagnosticaron con Ovarios Poliquisticos. No sabia porqué tenia tanto vello facial y acné hormonal. La medicina que el doctor me recetó resultó siendo peor así que estoy tratando de resolverlo de una manera diferente con una dieta basada más en plantas y tratando de cuidar más mi piel cuando mi humor me deja. Esta es mi piel con buen maquillaje ahora, me tomó 15 min, sin filtro, mi proceso a una mejoría. Lo que pones en tu piel y comes importa. Todo va a tu sangre. A tu sistema.

A post shared by Laura Quintero (@itslauraquintero) on

“I had no idea what was happening in my body,” Quintero told FIERCE, explaining her frustration with her acne’s growing presence due to PCOS, a hormonal disorder that can cause symptoms such as irregular periods, excess facial hair, mood swings, and acne.

Follow her here: beautycoachgirl

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