If You’ve Ever Had A Set Of Acrylic Nails, You’ve Definitely Done These Things

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There’s just something about a fresh new set of acrylics. They inspire confidence, fierceness, and an all around boss attitude. While the nails make for a great statement accessory, they are also more functional than most people know…

You just got a new set of acrylics and you feel like you can take on the world.

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And that color you just picked is way more than just a color. It’s a reflection of your personality.

The first real purpose of these nails is hater blocking.

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Nothing anybody tells you will get you down because your acrylics are on point.

They make literally anything you do with your fingers so much more fierce.

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Even flipping someone the bird becomes a whole production since that nail is the longest.

Your pinky finger suddenly transforms into the best ear scratcher.

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Yasss, girl, YASSSSSS! ~*rolls eyes in pleasure*~

And giving someone piojito with your acrylics will take them to a new level of ecstacy.

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Sooooo good. ?

These fashionable tools open everything.

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You have a better chance of having an unbroken mazapan with these. Trust.

Acrylic nails are a perfect way to let people know your patience is running thin.

CREDIT: The Starlight Whisper / YouTube

The louder and faster the taps, the more annoyed you are becoming and the faster people need to respond.

Counting all your cash is so much more fun with your nails.

CREDIT: White Men Can’t Jump / Twentieth Century Fox

Even if it is just your Monopoly money, counting dollar bills is so much more enjoyable with your fake nails.

And, probably most importantly, your nails easily double as utensils.

This was mom’s secret weapon. ??


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