Hate Acrylics Or Long Nails? This One’s For You

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Some Latinas are practically born with beautifully manicured nails (that are kept up well into their señora days), and, well, some of us are not. Since I was little, I always bit and picked my uñas, and it was, and probably still is, my mom’s greatest disappointment in me. Hey, I guess it could be worse, right?

If you’re one of the fellow rare Latinas who can’t get down with fancy nails and are still hearing about it, then this is for you!

When all your primas and tias were rocking gorgeous, long nails, you had absolutely no interest in that form of self-torture.

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Blame the nail-biting habit and low maintenance lifestyle.

On more than one occasion, you were called out for your “little boy” hands.

Seriously, this is RUDE.

Your mami had a speech (and plenty of shade) ready when she caught your chipped nail polish.


You know the look.

So you figured out ways to hide your lazy nails from everyone.

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Sup, long sweaters and clear nail polish.

Your fam somehow convinced you to try acrylics for your quince.

But you ended up fumbling everything like a tiny T-Rex.

You sometimes questioned your femininity because you hated long nails.



And often griped about all the things Latinas “had” to do and be.

Who can even keep track anymore?

So maybe you tried to start growing them out?


It can’t be that bad, right?

A week into it, you let everyone know how much you hated it, so you just cut them short again.

Old habits die hard.

When the time came, you realized you actually really enjoyed a proper manicure…

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Absolutely NO ONE needs that extra cuticle, girl.

…Even if you had to fight your manicurist the entire time.

Please, let me be.

Whether you have chipped nail polish or short nails, you still work it out and look cute while doing so.

Anyway, geometric designs and shorter nails are totally on trend right now, so you’ve been way ahead of the game.

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What do you love or hate about having long nails? Let us know in the comments below!