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Shop These 20 Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriends All Under $25

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we all wish that we could have unlimited funds and get all of our friends and family everything that they absolutely deserve. But that’s not reality. What is the reality, though, is that we love our girlfriends dearly and want to get them something this year that they will simply LOVE and that will also not make us broke. That’s where this list comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a super cute shirt or a gift perfect for your best foodie friend, here are 20 Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for all of your chicas. Why? Because they’re all under $25, of course. Budget-conscious gifts don’t have to look like they’re budget conscious, though. So we have dug through all of the best gifts in our mitú shop to come up with this list of gifts ideal for all of your besties.

1. Mujer Power Pin, $10

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If you want to let your ladies know that you think they are powerful AF, then this pin is the way to do it. Anyone would be proud to wear this and the best part is that it’s cheap enough that you can make this an extra gift.

2. Guacardo You Can Do It T-Shirt, $25

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Rosie the Riveter is a classic icon of female empowerment but you know what’s even better? Yes, Guacardo doing the “You Can Do It”. Give the gift of this shirt with pride and your girls will feel that they, too, can do it.

3. Fierce Flowers Mug, $15

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If you simply want to let your besties know that you think they’re fierce, then this mug is the one for you. Its girly flowers are the best accompaniment to the sentiment because it shows that we can all be feminine and FIERCE at the same time.

4. La Jefa Phone Case, $20

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Your friends are on their phones pretty much 24/7, right? Well, now you can remind them to text you back in a subtle way by getting this “La Jefa” phone case. This one’s especially useful for your bestie who just got the latest phone this year…

5. Frida Feminist Tote, $25

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Everyone has stuff that we have to carry around but carrying all that stuff around is made all that much more fun when you have a Frida feminist tote. She looks pretty great here and so will your friends as they happily wear this to your next brunch outing.

6. She Se Puede T-Shirt, $25

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Is there any better way to let your best friends know that they CAN do anything they want? No, definitely not. This “She Se Puede” shirt is a fantastic reminder that we Latina women are powerful and always will be.

7. Bruja Pin Set, $20

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For the brujas in your friend set, there is no better gift than this pin set. It includes three distinct pins that your fave bruja girlfriend can wear proudly on her jacket or purse. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you get one of these sets for yourself, too.

8. Frida Phone Case, $20

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You can’t get enough Frida Kahlo gifts, which is why we have to recommend this Frida phone case. Adorned in her classic style, your one friend trying to make it as an artist will especially really love this one.

9. Food Socks, $17

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For that foodie girlfriend of yours, look no further than these adorable food socks. Whether she’s into tacos, paletas, jalapeños or avocados, there’s no going wrong with this adorable set that shows off what she’s all about.

10. Mija Beanie, $25

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Some girls simply rock the beanie hat like no other and those are the friends that simply MUST have this “mija” hat. This gift would be perfect for any of your Latina friends that live in colder climates or, you know, have fantastic street style.

11. Calladitas No More T-Shirt,  $25

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How do you show off your Latina pride at the same time as you remind everyone that you are outspoken? The “calladitas no more” shirt, of course. Get this one as a gift for your bestie in one color and another one for yourself in a different color so that you can rock them together.

12. En Esta Cocina Mando Yo Apron, $25

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You are bound to have at least one friend who is the Queen of her kitchen. In order to encourage and inspire her to cook more (and invite you over, of course), gift her this awesome kitchen apron that will inspire many girls nights in.

13. La Jefa Mug, $15

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There’s that one friend you have who is climbing the corporate ladder like a boss. Or perhaps she is a boss already? Either way, she deserves a “La Jefa” mug to take to work and let everyone know what she’s about.

14. Hair Full of Chisme Pin, $10

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Don’t be surprised if ALL of your friends want this one, which shouldn’t be too difficult to do since this pin is on the cheaper side. However, the sentiment will be seriously appreciated by your besties.

15. Pupusas Taught Me That Tote, $25

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Pupusas are delicious and beautiful, and so is this tote. Not only is it funny but it’s also a sweet little encouragement and celebration of our Latinx culture. Your Salvadorean friends will really love this one, I bet.

16. Paleta Hat, $25

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Who doesn’t love paletas?! Well, now your girl who is their #1 fan can rock this shirt all year long. Whether it’s the summer and she’s downing them like she’s the thirstiest person on the planet or winter when she’s turning up the heat just so she can still have a paleta, this is her perfect gift.

17. Te Calmas o Te Calmo T-Shirt, $25

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This shirt might just be the perfect gift for your friend who is a mami or about to become one. Sure, maybe she’s not actually saying this to her kids the way her mom said it to her, but… still. It’ll make her laugh for her.

18. Cactus Socks, $17

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Sometimes, you just need a subtle showing of pride and these cactus socks are the perfect way to do it. They’re brightly colored yet subtle so, really, only your friend who rocks these will know that she’s all about the Latinx pride.

19. La Vida es Bonita Phone Case, $20

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For your girl who likes to keep things subtle but is an eternal optimist, this phone case is it. It’s a sweet reminder of all of life’s good things and, honestly, can’t you just see her light up every time she picks up her phone from now on?

20. #checkyourchichis Mug, $15

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A subtle but important reminder for breast cancer awareness but also just a cute mug, this gift is definitely one that will make your girls giggle. Just be sure not to give it to your friend who is so shy that she’ll blush just looking at this one.

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Let Us Shed A Tear For The Non-Floridians Who Have Never Experienced Publix

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Let Us Shed A Tear For The Non-Floridians Who Have Never Experienced Publix

Hi, hello, thank you for taking a moment to take a seat at my Ted Talk!

I’d like to take the time we have together today to talk about the wonder that is Publix.

As many of you fortunate enough to live in the Southeast know, Publix is a Florida-based grocery store with all of the class.

@CourtKramer39 / Instagram

They’re a place known for their remarkable customer service and clean aisles. At Publix, shopping is literally a pleasure.

That’s right folks, this is a place of impeccable cleanliness and organization.

@publix / Instagram

At Publix, no corner is left unswept and no aisle left without the item you needed.

And their subs have been bringing people to tears circa 1930.

@SunSentinel / Instagram

If you haven’t had an Italian sub from Publix what what WHAT are you doing?

Guys! This place is so good that schools literally send students there for field trips.

@MeadowfieldElem / Instagram

At Publix there’s so much to learn.

And their employees actually love working there!

And it’s probably because of their amazing benefits and vacation set up.

Recently a wave of Publix enthusiasts went viral for their devotion to the store’s key lime pie.

@pierceall / Instagram

An article by Buzzfeed boasted about the desserts greatness. And they were right.null

But KEY to the Publix experience has been the grocery chain’s dedication to Latino satisfaction.

@pbpost / Instagram

They literally have a STORE that focuses on Latinos called Sabor.

View this post on Instagram

New vest #publixsabor#nowisgreen#ilikeit ????

A post shared by Jessy ???? (@jessica_sainz) on

The Southeastern-based store has run a line of Publix Sabor stores for years geared toward Florida’s Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Latino shoppers. Recently they started to expand its offerings in heavily populated Latino populations with a Publix store called Sabor.

This place is the diggs guys! And they have all kinds of amazing foods to offer.

Like their commitment to the Cubano.

View this post on Instagram

????????????#winning #publixcuban #yesss

A post shared by @mizz_r3dd (@___ismok3___) on

Which for real will NEVER be good as your mother’s, but will always for real do everything to be top notch.

And their Tres Leches cake which is qualiT


And this is a fact that FOR REAL any Latino in the Southeast knows to be true.

No but for real.

It’s a taste like no other.

And beyond Tres Leche you can count on Publix to STAY stocked on your mama’s favorites.

Literally feels like home at the Publix in Little Havana guys.

And they for real have the hookup.

Yes they do.

Now go forth into the world my people and enjoy your limp meals at Whole Foods and Safeway!

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year thanks to the pretty trinkly lights, hot cocoa, cookies everywhere and the smell of Christmas trees all around. But it can also be a stressful time of year because sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just might not know what to get for your family and friends. You love them, sure, but some of them are impossible to shop for.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet for the best and most inventive gifts that you can get for everyone in your life. From something for your abuelos to your new boyfriend to your BFF, this is the ultimate FIERCE Christmas Gift Guide for the 22 people in your life. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve even included a bonus gift for all of the people who you might have forgotten about in years past… Because, yes, they deserve a little something too. Happy Holidays!

1. For your mami


The Instant Pot ($79) might just be the perfect present for your mami. It’s a 6-in-1 machine that works as a programmable pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, plus it can sauté, steam and warm. That might really take the pressure off of her (no pun intended) by helping her to make food much quicker and easier. That way you can actually spend time with her more. It’s a win-win!

2. For your papi


This AncestryDNA Kit ($59) might just be perfect for your hard-to-shop-for papi. He’s always talking about where his family comes from and now he can really see it. The best part is that this kit from Amazon is $40 off the original price tag, so it’s kind of a deal too. Don’t be afraid to get YOURSELF one for a Christmas present, too.

3. For your crush


How do you tell someone that you kind of sort of like them? Well, nothing beats chocolate. Period. Specifically, I’m talking about Norman Love Confections dark chocolate espresso bar ($8). They have many different options, including ones with raspberries and cherries plus different varieties of chocolate, but you can’t go wrong with this one that includes espresso in dark chocolate.

4. For your hookup buddy


Sometimes, if you want to keep your relationship strictly platonic but still get a little something-something, you have to send a clear message with your gift. And with the Massage Oil Candle ($14), that message is clear. And that message is: Romance me, massage me and thanks but bye.

5. For your new love

The J.Crew X S’well X charity water bottle ($35) makes for a pretty sweet gift for someone that you haven’t been dating for all that long. You know that you SHOULD get them something but you can’t be sure what. However, this water bottle is great because everyone needs to be more hydrated so it shows that you care without going overboard.

6. For your boyfriend


Your boyfriend has probably been obsessing over the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet ($80) for a while, amirite? It’s a great device to show him that you truly care and especially that you care about his love of books, television and everything else. Heck, maybe you can even watch your fave HBO Now shows together.

7. For your girlfriend


If you want to let your girlfriend know that you’d like more nights spent snuggling in front of Netflix, then there’s no better gift than the Loop Thread Blanket ($139) from Zara. It’s cozy, perfect and comes in two different colors so that you can pick what is best for her to adorn her home with.

8. For your fiancé


Welcome your fiancé into your life by welcoming them into your bed with this very cool Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Lofty Queen Size Pillow ($99). You’re probably already living together by this point but you can always get comfier in your life together. They will definitely enjoy the added ZZZ’s thanks to this awesome pillow.

9. For your husband/wife


Do you sometimes feel like some of the romance has gone out of your relationship? That’s okay and that’s totally normal but you CAN do something about it. This holiday season, get your husband or wife this limited-edition Adult Advent Calendar Gift Box ($99) from Ella Paradis. It technically says 1-24 in the traditional advent calendar sense but you can do these boxes any time. They each include a sexy surprise and a booklet explaining what to do to make your nights, ahem, a little naughtier.

10. For your sister


Your sis might just fall in love with this Frida Kahlo tote bag ($20). Not only is it adorable but it is obviously the perfect thing to carry around all of her things. Sure, she probably already has 17,000 tote bags but this one is clearly the winner. Don’t worry, we’re sure she will let you borrow it. *wink wink*

11. For your brother


Your brother is going to get a KICK out of this Millennial Loteria ($22) game. It’s just like the game we all know and love except with some really hysterical millennial signs. Now he can totally get everyone in on a game, whether that’s with your family or his friends.

12. For your tia


This one’s for your tia who LOVES hosting #TacoTuesday parties: The Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box ($85). It allows her to keep planning her parties while also making it easier than ever for you to come over and make tacos just like you want them. She will enjoy having all of the different elements for her next taco party.

13. For your tio


The TABLETOPICS Family ($25) card game is pretty perfect for your one tio who is not only a conversation starter but tries to get the entire family in on it. This is a great piece for any family member, really, but I think he will appreciate it most of all. The best part is that it’s the kind of present that is meant to be shared.

14. For your prima


The Scratch Map Deluxe ($32-48) is the ideal gift for your prima who dreams of traveling the world. You can help to encourage her wanderlust with this scratch-off map of the world that helps her mark every country where she’s been and where she plans to go.

15. For your primo


Your primo might just fall in LOVE with this Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote ($40) that will help him watch all of his favorite television shows easier than ever. The even cooler Alexa Voice Remote will have him feeling pretty good about himself, too.

16. For your abuela


What will truly warm abuela’s heart is this Personalized Family Hobby Art ($85-175) print that can be customized for up to 12 family members. Sure, that might not actually fit everyone but do your best and she will enjoy it for a long time. In fact, I’m betting it will adorn her wall for years to come.

17. For your abuelo


For the abuelo that has everything comes this Mini Movie Projector ($60), which promises to help him show his photos and movies with ease. Remember those nights when all he wants to do is have all you grandkids sit around him as he talks about the homecountry? Well, now it’s even easier for him!

18. For your BFF


My Cinema Lightbox Mini LED Marquee Lightbox ($23) is the PERFECT gift for your bestie. You can craft a message for her to start with, perhaps her favorite inspirational quote or a powerful saying that she loves? Afterward, she can use this to inspire her to do good work or just to jot down ideas.

19. For your girlfriends


You can get all of your best lady friends something that will make them totally relax, which is this Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides ($29). I’ve been using this tray for a while and it’s definitely my favorite bathtime product since it not only helps me to relax but also allows me to keep snacks and other goodies nearby when I need a break. Sadly, the cute plate of cherries is not included.

20. For your guy friends


The Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0 ($20) is a great board game for adults and your guy friends will love it. Sure, they’re difficult to shop for but this game is a surefire winner. Next time you’re getting together with your crew, your guy friend will be able to break this out and have everyone roaring with laughter. Trust me on this one.

21. For your professor


These Jumbo Magnetic Fidget Spheres ($13) are an ideal gift for your professor who is totally awesome but needs a bit more decoration on his or her desk. The bonus perk of these is that your professor can fidget a bit while the classroom is listening or otherwise occupied, or even while they are lecturing. It’s a little something they can do and a little something you can give them as a token of your appreciation.

22. For your boss


This Boss Lady Travel Mug ($20) is absolutely the gift you should give to your favorite boss who is so great that you think you might want to work for her forever. Now she can get her coffee on the way to work and carry around with her all day long, which might also keep you from having to fetch it for her. It’s definitely a winner of a gift.

BONUS: 23. For just about anyone else


If you still have people on the list, then why not go for an Indoor Zen Garden Relaxation Kit ($27)? It’s a great gift for pretty much anyone since we could ALL use something to de-stress. That is especially welcome during the holidays but this gift is perfect any time of year to help your loved ones relax.

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