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Shop These 20 Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriends All Under $25

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we all wish that we could have unlimited funds and get all of our friends and family everything that they absolutely deserve. But that’s not reality. What is the reality, though, is that we love our girlfriends dearly and want to get them something this year that they will simply LOVE and that will also not make us broke. That’s where this list comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a super cute shirt or a gift perfect for your best foodie friend, here are 20 Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for all of your chicas. Why? Because they’re all under $25, of course. Budget-conscious gifts don’t have to look like they’re budget conscious, though. So we have dug through all of the best gifts in our mitú shop to come up with this list of gifts ideal for all of your besties.

1. Mujer Power Pin, $10

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If you want to let your ladies know that you think they are powerful AF, then this pin is the way to do it. Anyone would be proud to wear this and the best part is that it’s cheap enough that you can make this an extra gift.

2. Guacardo You Can Do It T-Shirt, $25

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Rosie the Riveter is a classic icon of female empowerment but you know what’s even better? Yes, Guacardo doing the “You Can Do It”. Give the gift of this shirt with pride and your girls will feel that they, too, can do it.

3. Fierce Flowers Mug, $15

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If you simply want to let your besties know that you think they’re fierce, then this mug is the one for you. Its girly flowers are the best accompaniment to the sentiment because it shows that we can all be feminine and FIERCE at the same time.

4. La Jefa Phone Case, $20

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Your friends are on their phones pretty much 24/7, right? Well, now you can remind them to text you back in a subtle way by getting this “La Jefa” phone case. This one’s especially useful for your bestie who just got the latest phone this year…

5. Frida Feminist Tote, $25

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Everyone has stuff that we have to carry around but carrying all that stuff around is made all that much more fun when you have a Frida feminist tote. She looks pretty great here and so will your friends as they happily wear this to your next brunch outing.

6. She Se Puede T-Shirt, $25

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Is there any better way to let your best friends know that they CAN do anything they want? No, definitely not. This “She Se Puede” shirt is a fantastic reminder that we Latina women are powerful and always will be.

7. Bruja Pin Set, $20

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For the brujas in your friend set, there is no better gift than this pin set. It includes three distinct pins that your fave bruja girlfriend can wear proudly on her jacket or purse. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you get one of these sets for yourself, too.

8. Frida Phone Case, $20

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You can’t get enough Frida Kahlo gifts, which is why we have to recommend this Frida phone case. Adorned in her classic style, your one friend trying to make it as an artist will especially really love this one.

9. Food Socks, $17

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For that foodie girlfriend of yours, look no further than these adorable food socks. Whether she’s into tacos, paletas, jalapeños or avocados, there’s no going wrong with this adorable set that shows off what she’s all about.

10. Mija Beanie, $25

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Some girls simply rock the beanie hat like no other and those are the friends that simply MUST have this “mija” hat. This gift would be perfect for any of your Latina friends that live in colder climates or, you know, have fantastic street style.

11. Calladitas No More T-Shirt,  $25

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How do you show off your Latina pride at the same time as you remind everyone that you are outspoken? The “calladitas no more” shirt, of course. Get this one as a gift for your bestie in one color and another one for yourself in a different color so that you can rock them together.

12. En Esta Cocina Mando Yo Apron, $25

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You are bound to have at least one friend who is the Queen of her kitchen. In order to encourage and inspire her to cook more (and invite you over, of course), gift her this awesome kitchen apron that will inspire many girls nights in.

13. La Jefa Mug, $15

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There’s that one friend you have who is climbing the corporate ladder like a boss. Or perhaps she is a boss already? Either way, she deserves a “La Jefa” mug to take to work and let everyone know what she’s about.

14. Hair Full of Chisme Pin, $10

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Don’t be surprised if ALL of your friends want this one, which shouldn’t be too difficult to do since this pin is on the cheaper side. However, the sentiment will be seriously appreciated by your besties.

15. Pupusas Taught Me That Tote, $25

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Pupusas are delicious and beautiful, and so is this tote. Not only is it funny but it’s also a sweet little encouragement and celebration of our Latinx culture. Your Salvadorean friends will really love this one, I bet.

16. Paleta Hat, $25

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Who doesn’t love paletas?! Well, now your girl who is their #1 fan can rock this shirt all year long. Whether it’s the summer and she’s downing them like she’s the thirstiest person on the planet or winter when she’s turning up the heat just so she can still have a paleta, this is her perfect gift.

17. Te Calmas o Te Calmo T-Shirt, $25

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This shirt might just be the perfect gift for your friend who is a mami or about to become one. Sure, maybe she’s not actually saying this to her kids the way her mom said it to her, but… still. It’ll make her laugh for her.

18. Cactus Socks, $17

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Sometimes, you just need a subtle showing of pride and these cactus socks are the perfect way to do it. They’re brightly colored yet subtle so, really, only your friend who rocks these will know that she’s all about the Latinx pride.

19. La Vida es Bonita Phone Case, $20

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For your girl who likes to keep things subtle but is an eternal optimist, this phone case is it. It’s a sweet reminder of all of life’s good things and, honestly, can’t you just see her light up every time she picks up her phone from now on?

20. #checkyourchichis Mug, $15

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A subtle but important reminder for breast cancer awareness but also just a cute mug, this gift is definitely one that will make your girls giggle. Just be sure not to give it to your friend who is so shy that she’ll blush just looking at this one.

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Let Us Shed A Tear For The Non-Floridians Who Have Never Experienced Publix

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Let Us Shed A Tear For The Non-Floridians Who Have Never Experienced Publix

Hi, hello, thank you for taking a moment to take a seat at my Ted Talk!

I’d like to take the time we have together today to talk about the wonder that is Publix.

As many of you fortunate enough to live in the Southeast know, Publix is a Florida-based grocery store with all of the class.

@CourtKramer39 / Instagram

They’re a place known for their remarkable customer service and clean aisles. At Publix, shopping is literally a pleasure.

That’s right folks, this is a place of impeccable cleanliness and organization.

@publix / Instagram

At Publix, no corner is left unswept and no aisle left without the item you needed.

And their subs have been bringing people to tears circa 1930.

@SunSentinel / Instagram

If you haven’t had an Italian sub from Publix what what WHAT are you doing?

Guys! This place is so good that schools literally send students there for field trips.

@MeadowfieldElem / Instagram

At Publix there’s so much to learn.

And their employees actually love working there!

And it’s probably because of their amazing benefits and vacation set up.

Recently a wave of Publix enthusiasts went viral for their devotion to the store’s key lime pie.

@pierceall / Instagram

An article by Buzzfeed boasted about the desserts greatness. And they were right.null

But KEY to the Publix experience has been the grocery chain’s dedication to Latino satisfaction.

@pbpost / Instagram

They literally have a STORE that focuses on Latinos called Sabor.

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New vest #publixsabor#nowisgreen#ilikeit ????

A post shared by Jessy ???? (@jessica_sainz) on

The Southeastern-based store has run a line of Publix Sabor stores for years geared toward Florida’s Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Latino shoppers. Recently they started to expand its offerings in heavily populated Latino populations with a Publix store called Sabor.

This place is the diggs guys! And they have all kinds of amazing foods to offer.

Like their commitment to the Cubano.

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????????????#winning #publixcuban #yesss

A post shared by @mizz_r3dd (@___ismok3___) on

Which for real will NEVER be good as your mother’s, but will always for real do everything to be top notch.

And their Tres Leches cake which is qualiT


And this is a fact that FOR REAL any Latino in the Southeast knows to be true.

No but for real.

It’s a taste like no other.

And beyond Tres Leche you can count on Publix to STAY stocked on your mama’s favorites.

Literally feels like home at the Publix in Little Havana guys.

And they for real have the hookup.

Yes they do.

Now go forth into the world my people and enjoy your limp meals at Whole Foods and Safeway!

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For 2019 I’m Dedicating My Time To Building Stronger Friendships


For 2019 I’m Dedicating My Time To Building Stronger Friendships

The old proverb that “friends are the flowers in the garden of life” couldn’t be truer. On one hand, friendships can be like a beam of light in the darkness of the daily grind. They provide laughter, color, and happiness and can be a respite from everyday stresses. On the other hand, like flowers, they take care and attention in order for them to thrive.

Unlike other more transient relationships, a good friendship can be like an anchor in difficult times and one of the few things in life you don’t have to worry about. In fact, studies have shown that people with strong friendships report higher levels of overall health and happiness as they age. And although there are tons of articles out there giving advice on how to make new friends as an adult, it’s also important to nurture the relationships you already have. What better time than the new year to closely examine your friendships and find ways to fortify the bonds you already have.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of ways to improve your relationships with your friends in 2019 and beyond

1. Take Time to Listen

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It may be true that humans value good conversation, but arguably, they value good listeners even more. There’s nothing people want more than to be acknowledged that their thoughts and feelings matter, and there’s no better way to communicate that than to offer a sympathetic ear. In the new year, try to talk less, ask more questions, and actively listen to what your friends have to say. You’ll both be happier for it.

2. Remember Birthdays

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It may seem like a small gesture to make among the hundreds of interactions we have with our friends throughout the year, but it means so much. Birthdays, although they’re meant to be happy occasions, can be stressful. It’s the one day of the year when you have to reflect upon how many people are thinking about you. So when our friends forget our birthdays, we inevitably feel a little hurt. At the beginning of the year, mark all of your friends’ birthdays in your phone and set reminders for a week before (in order to prepare) and the day of their special day. Because birthdays matter more than you think.

3.Check In Often

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As we get farther into our careers and more absorbed in our own individual lives, its common to lose touch with friends or “drift apart”. Sometimes, it can even embarrassing to reach out to an old friend after months of silence. It’s easy to feel ashamed or disappointed in yourself that you let a relationship languish. The best way to combat this is to periodically check in with your friends. A simple “how’s it going?” text can be the difference between a continued relationship and the “friend that got away”.

4. Remind People How Much They Mean to You

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A post shared by Kate Baca (@baca_n_besos) on

Sometimes, we assume our friends know how much they mean to us by virtue of the amount of time we spend with them, or by hard they make us laugh. But many people fail to recognize how important they are in their friends’ lives because their friends never tell them. In the new year, don’t be afraid to tell your friends how much they mean to you. It may seem cheesy, but it means a lot.

5. Own Your Mistakes and Apologize

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Look, we’re only human, and it can be hard to admit when we’ve done something wrong. And it’s especially hard to admit our mistakes if they happened to have hurt someone we love. In these moments, it’s more important than ever to put our pride to the side and acknowledge our friends’ feelings. In 2019, put your ego to the side and don’t be afraid to apologize. It’s the stronger person who has the guts to admit when they’re wrong and take full responsibility.

6. Remember Details of Their Life

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A post shared by Natalia Agudelo✨Makeup & Hair (@bynatyagudelo) on

How annoying is it when you tell your friend the latest drama in your life, only to have them respond with a “huh?” the next time you talk to them. That’s because we want our friends to recognize the importance of our lives–regardless of how trivial the details may seem to the outside. In 2019, along with listening to your friends, remember what they tell you and recognize how important the events in their lives are. It makes all the difference.

7. Respect Your Friends’ Space

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A post shared by Aline Gomes (@alinem_gomes) on

We’ve all been in a situation where we can’t bring ourselves to follow through with plans when we’re too stressed to leave our bed, let alone our house. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, we need alone time to decompress. So offer the same compassion to your friends. If they turn down an invite to go bar-hopping or cancel plans last minute because they’re swamped at work, respond with empathy instead of anger. We’ve all had moments where we want nothing more than to be alone.

8. Be More Selfless

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Sometimes, expressing your appreciation for someone is never more powerful than doing something for them. Do they need someone to feed their cat while they’re out of town? Volunteer. Are they stressing about the cost of an Uber to the airport? Offer to pick them up. Taking the time out of your day to do something for your friends makes them realize that you’re willing to sacrifice part of your day to make their’s better. And there’s no better feeling than that.

9. Don’t Flake On Plans

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A post shared by Beautifully Black Latinas (@afrolatinas_) on

Just as we explained that it’s best to practice empathy with friends who aren’t always up to socialize, we suggest abiding by the Golden Rule when it comes to making plans with others: if you hate it when your friends cancel plans, don’t do it to them. Make a pledge to never cancel plans last minute in the new year, no matter how much you dread putting your bra back on after work. In all likelihood, your friends will respect your reliability and return the favor in the future.

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