20 Latinx Organizations to Donate to For the Holidays

If you spent the majority of your Thanksgiving holiday eating good food and shopping Black Friday deals until you dropped, then perhaps now is the right time to direct your attention elsewhere. After the gluttony and all the fashion and beauty stuff is out of your system, you might want to point your money towards a good cause on this #GivingTuesday.

One of the reasons that Giving Tuesday has become a holiday in and of itself is that we all know that the world today can be difficult for Latinxs. With immigration reform still looking like a far-off dream, DREAMers constantly under attack and families getting separated at the border, my heart aches for all of the things I wish I could do for my fellow immigrants. And then there are other issues, like Puerto Rico still needing help after Hurricane Maria and more Latinxs needing to vote in 2020. Thankfully, all of these organizations are represented on this list. If you’re wondering where you can donate your hard-earned money this holiday season in order to help strengthen your communities and improve the lives of fellow Latinxs, then look no further than these 20 Latinx organizations.

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