20 Most Notorious Crimes Of Passion

**Trigger warning: much of the content in this article contains stories of sexual assault and murder that might be disturbing to some readers.**


As gruesome, dark and sensationalist as they may be, we love a good murder mystery as much as the next person. And crimes of passion, incidentally, are the most interesting crimes of them all. Perhaps we feel this way because we’ve all been in the situation where we don’t feel completely in control of our emotions. But unlike violent assailants, most of us learn to control our angry impulses.

Some critics argue that their term “crime of passion” is misleading, as it relieves some of the blame from the perpetrator and trivializes brutal crimes into something as harmless-seeming as a random burst of uncontrollable emotion. This is especially problematic in situations like domestic abuse, where the intimacy of relationships makes the violence that much more dangerous and insidious. We’ve compiled a list of 20 Notorious Crimes of Passion as a way to remember that love should never hurt.


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