20 Things CubaRicans Are Tired Of Hearing

Being a CubaRican (Cuban and Puerto Rican) comes with double the amazing food, culture, language, and fierceness, but there are some things CubaRicans are tired of hearing from fellow Latinx and Non-Latinx that drives us bananas! Here are some things we CubaRicans want you to know we’re tired of hearing of.

1) What’s a CubaRican? 


Okay, this one we let slide more often because people generally don’t hear the word “CubaRican” often. But it is annoying when it’s asked over and over even after we explain it. Look at the context clues of the name, it’s got Cuba and Rican…but what’s worse is when you explain it everyone goes “Why can’t you just say Cuban and Puerto Rican”. Because that’s too long and CubaRican is cute! Let us have this! 

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