7 DIY Costumes For The Pregnant Latina With A Budget And A Busy Life

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With Halloween just around the corner, so many enthusiasts of spook and costumes are already breaking out the DIY boxes and tacking together some pretty great outfit ideas for the 31st. Of course, big box costume stores might have pregnant Halloween lovers buying into the belief that there aren’t too many options for them to try out this Fall, but I am here to prove them wrong.

With a little imagination and a belly of any size, your Halloween costume this year can be all about the big or go home. Here’s a look at 7 costumes to DIY, buy and slay in this Halloween.

A concha dream.

This one’s pretty much the perfect costume idea for the Latina on the go/ mustering up a last minute costume. Show off your belly and your Latinx pride with this costume that brags about some of the best of our cuisine!

What you need: A black sweater or shirt, colorful construction paper, scissors, tape or glue and a concha to model.

A vaca babe.

Make money Halloween moooooves at the big spook ball this year with this cute tribute to your favorite barnyard animal.

What you need: A white sweater or shirt, white leggings, pink felt (for utters and inner ears), white felt (for outer ears), grey felt (horns), scissors, and hot glue, headband,

The cutest aguacate you ever saw.

The burgeoning love for Avocado toast has been V scary for most of us Latinos whose abuelas have been making them the good stuff their whole lives. Pay some genuine tribute to your ultimate toast compliment with an avocado costume that’ll certainly help you highlight your belly.

What you need: Cardboard box, dark green and light green paint, box cutter.

The Spicey Spicey.

There are so many ways to get creative with Latinx condiments and pull of this look. Consider being the Cholula lady and making your belly her basket! Or designing a Tapatio costume with your  belly as the main focus.

What you need: White dress, cardboard, white paint, red paint

A chicle machine.

Be the chicle you wish to see in this world, by turning yourself into the ultimate gum ball machine.

What you need: White top, pom pomps

The ultimate troll.

There are so many trolls you can be in this world. For a cute look, you can go for a plane troll or you can print out a sign that says internet and carry it around to be the ultimate Internet Troll.

What you need: Get a top and pants or dress, that match your skin tone. Fake colored gem, hairspray or wig that matches the color of the gem. Glue gun.

A pin ball.

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Girl, we already know you ain’t no pushover, still for the sports enthusiast, and mom-to-be looking to do something fun and playful with her belly, this one’s the dream!

What you need: white turtleneck bodysuit, red felt, white cap.

The ultimate Catrina.

Just because you’re embarazada, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the ultimate Latina dream. Bust out the rosas and paint face to be the Catrina you’ve always wanted to be this Halloween. 


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