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New Study Says Self- Confidence Keeps 8 Out Of 10 Girls From Visiting The Doctor

New research by Dove has found that 8 out of 10 girls are so occupied with the way they look that their insecurities prevent them from taking part in physical and educational activities. According to the personal care brand, everyday necessities from seeing a doctor or offering an opinion “can keep girls from living life to the fullest.” Actress Dascha Polanco knows all too well the toll self-esteem issues can take on a woman with big ambitions. The Afro-Latina of “Orange Is The New Black” has been vocal about her days as an aspiring actress who initially kept herself from pursuing her dream career because of her weight.

These days she’s on a mission to prevent confidence issues spoil the dreams that any young girl might have.

In a new effort with Dove, Polanco is fighting to help others achieve their boldest dreams.

Back in 2004, Dove created a self-esteem-education workshop program, which in the years since, has worked to help young girls overcome body image issues. Now, over a decade since it’s the first launch, Dove has recruited Polanco, a vocal -self-pride advocate to teach a younger generation the importance of shunning today’s current beauty ideals. At one of Dove’s most recent workshops, Polanco took part in a #HourWithHer campaign to talk about beauty and self-love. Dove’s new effort stems from findings that giving girls even just one hour to talk about their beauty and self-confidence can help raise their opinions of themselves by a mile.

“Having that hour that you spend with them, if we start now, becomes a good cycle that will last a lifetime and regenerate itself,” Polanco told The Glow Up in an interview where she detailed the power and impact of #HourWithHer. “I’m in [a] constant battle with my daughter Dasany, who doesn’t leave the house without her eyebrows painted on. She has eyebrows, but they’re light eyebrows and I’m like, “Girl!” I try to emphasize that with her beautiful skin right now, she doesn’t need anything. I do whatever I can to make a positive impact, like bringing my daughter to this workshop with me.”

For Polanco, it is just as equally as important that grown women address their own issues with self-esteem.

The Dominicana emphasizes that talking to ourselves about our insecurities and being kinder to ourselves is essential to our own personal growth as women as well. “We are focused ourselves on what is negative without truly having taken the moment to acknowledge our own external differences—wanting to be approved of, wanting to be accepted. It has to start from within. That’s power.”

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20 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Get Your Naughty This Year

Everyday Runway

20 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Get Your Naughty This Year

Body positivity is not easy to achieve in today’s world of models that look perfect and social media influencers who look even better. However, with a little help from the likes of Frida Kahlo, America Ferrera and other body positive Latinas, it’s getting easier these days to feel good about all of your curves. In fact, some Latinas on Instagram are all about celebrating our absolutely perfect imperfections all year long.

Yet despite the recent embrace of body positivity, it can be difficult to shop for those curves — especially shopping for lingerie that actually fits you and makes you feel even sexier. But thankfully, they DO exist! If you’re looking for something a little naughty to don this Christmas (whether it’s to show off to your boyfriend or just to make you feel a little cuter), then these brands are where you’ll want to start. Featuring different styles and sizes, here are 20 body positive lingerie brands that you’ll love.

1. Savage x Fenty


You can now look like Rihanna herself with Savage X Fenty’s body positive, totally inclusive fashion line. They have all kinds of sexy bras, undies and lingerie in a variety of sizes from 32A to 44DD and XS to 3XL.

2. Figs Underwear


If you’re a fan of minimalist style, then look no further than FIGS Underwear. Their body positive line features an immaculate attention to detail that And the best part? They’re made with “pleasure in mind.”

3. Nubian Skin


The diverse company Nubian Skin was founded by Ade Hassan after she was frustrated by the lack of inclusive “nude” lingerie options. Their skin tone types include everything from café au lait to berry and everything in between.

4. & Other Stories


& Other Stories is a clothing and accessories brand that has been known for doing daring things like featuring a model with armpit hair. They campaign about “real women,” which includes models with scars, tattoos and birthmarks too. 

5. Hips and Curves


If you have yourself some hips and some curves, then you definitely want to check out Hips and Curves. Their fabulous, sexy plus-size lingerie celebrates fuller figures thanks to sizes that go all the way up to 6XL. 

6. Neon Moon


Are you a badass woman? Then Neon Moon is made just for you. They are NOT about being body shamed but instead all about celebrating different styles on an inclusive and diverse group of women.

7. MarieYat


The London-based company Marie Yat is all about celebrating femininity and comfort. They also don’t touch-up their photos. Instead, they opt to show what real women look like with all of our “flaws.”

8. Impish Lee


One of the best things about having great lingerie is the ability to customize it, which you can totally do thanks to Impish Lee. All you have to do is choose the cut and style, the lining and the fabrics, then the brand creates your pieces in any size from 0 to 24. 

9. Me and You


Me and You lingerie is the place to go to for your comfortable feminist underwear. The company first launched with their cotton underpants printed with “feminist” on the butt. That’s definitely something to buy ASAP. 

10. Feminist Style


If you’re looking for cute, comfy undies that make a point about consent, then you definitely want to go for Feminist Style. Their adorable designs are cheeky (literally) by printing things like “only yes means yes” and “ask me what I like ;)” on them. 

11. True & Co


True&Co has a mission in life and that mission is to make lingerie and underwear for women that actually fit their diverse bodies. They promote body positivity with their campaigns, too, since they refuse to Photoshop.

12. Naja


When Gina Rodriguez entered the lingerie business, we HAD to pay attention. Naja is for empowered, courageous women who want premium lingerie with a social impact. Plus: Their garment factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of household, so you can feel really good about buying their stuff.

13. Lively


The Lively lingerie model is all about not being typical as they aim to bring authenticity and diversity to their product fit guide. Their “real” women models help us to see what we all can actually look like in these sexy things.

14. Inspire Psyche Terry


The new lingerie brand for all sizes is Inspire Psyche Terry, which was created by the same woman behind Urban Hydration Haircare. The plus-size lingerie and clothing is bold and fearless in order to inspire women of all sizes.

15. Araks


Want to shop for comfortable and body positive lingerie along with swimwear and sleepwear? Then Araks is for you. Their styles are made out of 100% cotton but some are also pure silk and feel absolutely heavenly.

16. Ayten Gasson


If you care about being eco-friendly, then Ayten Gasson is definitely the lingerie and nightwear brand for you. They are all about sustainability thanks to using up-cycled vintage lace and sustainable materials. 

17. Pansy


When your underwear and lingerie is made out of organic cotton, you might just feel like you are floating on Cloud 9. That’s where Pansy comes in. There’s no padding or underwire on the bras so your boobs can just feel great.

18. Dear Kate


Dear Kate is a brand made by women and for women. They understand what a busy, on-the-go woman needs in her lingerie, which is why their pieces are created by using Underlux technology.

19. Lonely Label


Lonely is a New Zealand-based luxury lingerie label founded in 2009 with the goal of having an inclusive range of body types and sizes. Sensuous and romantic (and suitable for every body), they also have swim and loungewear.

20. Miss Crofton


Miss Crofton is a lingerie brand that is both girly and sophisticated, which is definitely not easy to achieve. If you have a hard time finding something that’s body positive but also dainty, then this is it.

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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Will be Ending After Its Seventh Season


‘Orange Is the New Black’ Will be Ending After Its Seventh Season

Welp, fans of Litchfield it looks like we have reached the end of an era. On Wednesday, the cast of “Orange is the New Black” released a video announcing that its upcoming seventh season would be its last. This is sure to be bittersweet news for the show’s fans who have helped it remain Netflix’s most popular series. Not to mention helped catapult the careers of many of its formerly unknown stars, most of whom are womxn of color, to fame.

For those of us who turned to the show for representation of Latinx stories, news of the show’s final season is especially bittersweet for the Latina fans.

Since its premiere in 2013, “Orange is the New Black” has been hailed as groundbreaking.

The Netflix original dramedy is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name. The series explores the fish-out-of-water story of a privileged white woman doing time in prison. Although Netflix has remained notoriously hush about their streaming stats, it has been widely reported that OITNB is their most-watched original series. Keep in mind, this has it beating out juggernauts like “House of Cards” and “Stranger Things.” Its frank yet nuanced depiction of female prisoners have earned it 12 Emmy Award nominations and three wins.

Of the decision to end the iconic TV series, its visionary creator Jenji Kohan said: “After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison. I will miss all the badass ladies of Litchfield and the incredible crew we’ve worked with. My heart is orange but fade to black”.

Its depiction of complicated, flawed, and sympathetic female characters from all walks of life is unprecedented in television and opened doors for LGBTQ, Black and Latina talent.

Dascha Polanco, Diane Guerrero, Selenis Leyva, and Jessica Pimentel all got their start on OITNB. According to Jenji Kohan, these casting choices were purposeful. She previously revealed that “the pools of talent [while casting] are so deep when you have a call for Latin women or black women or a middle-aged woman because they never get their shot”. She even admitted that the producers would sometimes “add new characters ‘cause we wanted to use another actress”.

In its six seasons, OITNB explored topics like trans rights, queer politics, PTSD, sexual violence, and racism. Notably, they tackled these issues with nuanced and poignant storytelling. And although prestige television has evolved to include more stories like these, it’s undeniable that OITNB was among the first to do so.

As publications like Rolling Stone have previously noted, “Orange is the New Black” has also had a hand in re-shaping the TV landscape towards greater inclusivity. In an interview about the doors the show has opened for new characters, actors and storylines, actress Laverne Cox, who has portrayed trans prisoner Sophia Burset since the series first season, once told Rolling Stone “[OITNB has] revolutionized television. The unprecedented diversity that we just saw in pilot season I think would not be possible if it weren’t for us”.

The show confirmed news of the final season on their Twitter page and the fan reaction was real.

And so many fans are sharing what the show meant to them.

So many Twitter users shared what the show’s efforts to highlight women of color and of the LGBTQ community has mean to them.

And fans are already campaigning for storylines.

#Flaritza forever man.

Although OITNB is ending, there’s no denying that its impact on the industry and its culture will remain. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for the ladies of Litchfield.

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