New Study Says Self- Confidence Keeps 8 Out Of 10 Girls From Visiting The Doctor

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New research by Dove has found that 8 out of 10 girls are so occupied with the way they look that their insecurities prevent them from taking part in physical and educational activities. According to the personal care brand, everyday necessities from seeing a doctor or offering an opinion “can keep girls from living life to the fullest.” Actress Dascha Polanco knows all too well the toll self-esteem issues can take on a woman with big ambitions. The Afro-Latina of “Orange Is The New Black” has been vocal about her days as an aspiring actress who initially kept herself from pursuing her dream career because of her weight.

These days she’s on a mission to prevent confidence issues spoil the dreams that any young girl might have.

In a new effort with Dove, Polanco is fighting to help others achieve their boldest dreams.

Back in 2004, Dove created a self-esteem-education workshop program, which in the years since, has worked to help young girls overcome body image issues. Now, over a decade since it’s the first launch, Dove has recruited Polanco, a vocal -self-pride advocate to teach a younger generation the importance of shunning today’s current beauty ideals. At one of Dove’s most recent workshops, Polanco took part in a #HourWithHer campaign to talk about beauty and self-love. Dove’s new effort stems from findings that giving girls even just one hour to talk about their beauty and self-confidence can help raise their opinions of themselves by a mile.

“Having that hour that you spend with them, if we start now, becomes a good cycle that will last a lifetime and regenerate itself,” Polanco told The Glow Up in an interview where she detailed the power and impact of #HourWithHer. “I’m in [a] constant battle with my daughter Dasany, who doesn’t leave the house without her eyebrows painted on. She has eyebrows, but they’re light eyebrows and I’m like, “Girl!” I try to emphasize that with her beautiful skin right now, she doesn’t need anything. I do whatever I can to make a positive impact, like bringing my daughter to this workshop with me.”

For Polanco, it is just as equally as important that grown women address their own issues with self-esteem.

The Dominicana emphasizes that talking to ourselves about our insecurities and being kinder to ourselves is essential to our own personal growth as women as well. “We are focused ourselves on what is negative without truly having taken the moment to acknowledge our own external differences—wanting to be approved of, wanting to be accepted. It has to start from within. That’s power.”


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