California’s Third Gender Option Is a Major Win For Latinxs

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According to a Williams Institute report approximately 1.4 million Latino adults identify as LGBTQ in the United States. There’s no telling how many Latinas and Latinos in the community identify as “nonbinary,” but a new California law is set to clear that up pretty soon. Under a new measured signed by Governor Jerry Brown, Latinxs will be given the right to select a gender-neutral option on state documents.

It’s been a long time coming, people!

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But we’re finally making major progress!

State Sen. Toni Atkins, who is openly gay, shared the good news on Sunday.

The bill is for those who identify as transgender, intersex, or who otherwise do not identify as male or female. The party doesn’t stop there, though.

The law, which will be available on Calif., licenses starting in 2009, will also make it easier for people to alter their gender identity on official documents.

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Current CA laws require that individuals wanting to change their birth certificates undergo clinical treatment before doing so. The new law, also known as the Gender Recognition Act, makes California the second state in the country to pass a law that legally recognizes noxnbinary gender people.

The news is an amazing accomplishment for the LGBTQ community, and its a huge accomplishment for the Latinas who rallied for it.


For so many, Jerry Brown’s stamp of approval has meant everything, and it’s just one more step towards LGBTQ equality.



Activist groups like Equality California rallied for months to get letters in support of the bill.

So happy for Latinxs in the LGBTQ community who finally get this right thanks to SB 179. Activists in support of California’s new law, are optimistic it will encourage other progressive states to follow suit. There’s no doubt the new law is another dramatic step of improvement for the Latinx community. We’re so proud for this latest step in progress!


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