California Governors Are Now Officially Required To Recognize Dolores Huerta Day

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Dolores Huerta has spent her life’s work fighting for representation and shedding light on corruption. Until recently, the Mexican-America labor leader and civil rights activist who rallied for the rights of farmworkers and social justice often had her name shadowed by the work of her fellow National Farm Workers Association male co-founder, Cesar Chavez. Fortunately, in recent years the Latina has begun to gain recognition for the work she has put into helping the American Latino community thrive.

Last year, PBS created a documentary acknowledging her work, during this year’s Oscars she was celebrated for her work and now she’s getting an entire day named after her.

California legislation now requires the state’s governors to proclaim April 10 as Dolores Huerta Day.

On July 18th, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Section 37222.20 to the Education Code, and to add Section 6729  to the Government Code of Assembly Bill No. 2644 into law, making Dolores Huerta Day an official day of celebration in the state. The new bill requires all future California governors to annually proclaim April 10 as Dolores Huerta Day and encourage every public school educator in the state to observe the date by implementing a lesson on Huerta’s life, accomplishments, and contributions.

The date lands on Huerta’s birthday.

Huerta and her family commented on the honor in statements to the press.

“I’m happy to hear that our young learners will have the opportunity to learn more about social justice and civil rights because there is still a lot of work to do,” Huerta said. “We have low-income communities with inequitable representation in local education. At the same time, they are facing tough anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric. This is all happening right in front of our faces.”


In a post to his Facebook page, Huerta’s son Emilio Huerta wrote, “Thank you Gov. Brown and Assemblymember Reyes for honoring our mother’s life and work… ¡Sí Se Puede!”

Of course Dolores’s fans and supporters are already celebrating the day.

And giving out all of the Sí se puedes!

And counting the days until they get to celebrate!

Viva Dolores Huerta Day!

But mostly the news has LAtinas all kinds of energized!

She se puede chicas! She se puede!


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