Carmen Yulín Cruz Went On The Late Show And Highlighted How Devastating The New GOP Tax Bill Will Be For Puerto Rico


Two months have passed since Hurricane Maria pummeled the island of Puerto Rico, leaving massive devastation in its wake. Throughout the island’s ordeal, Donald Trump’s reaction proved to be a great source of material for TV’s late-night hosts. There was the time he played the role of party boy and threw paper towels into a crowd of hurricane victims, openly blamed U.S citizens for the disaster and awarded a $300 million contract to an energy firm with only two full-time employees to fix the island’s power grid. Then news broke that the company is financed by a major Trump donor.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, the island has gone largely neglected by the president and his administration.

Fortunately, San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, has stepped up to fight for Puerto Rico and has called Trump out on his lack of response, as well as for attacking her on Twitter.

After a series of press conferences and interviews, the San Juan mayor was blasted by Trump for being a “nasty” woman. Hours after Trump lashed out at her, Cruz defended her request for federal aid on air, wearing a shirt with the word “nasty” written in bold.

“What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people,” she said in an interview with the talk show “Al Punto.”

This week, Cruz continued her criticism of Trump on “The Late Night Show” and was also inducted into the show’s “Trump Attacked Me On Twitter” Hall of Fame.

After accepting her award, Cruz called out Trump for being a “bully” as well as for his daily Twitter tantrums.

“That gentleman that took the Twitter account for 11 minutes should be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize,” Cruz said about the former Twitter employee who suspended Trump’s account on his last day.

She then added, “I hope he’s a better golf player than he is a president, because he surely isn’t a good president.”

Later on in the show, Cruz sat down with Colbert to talk about the island’s recovery operation, calling it a “a touch and go situation.”

“President Trump has not been up to the standards that this country deserves,” said Cruz, who also pointed out that the White House’s tax reform plan wouldn’t make the island’s situation any better. “The American people has such a big heart, and that contrasts with the American president that has such a big mouth.”

Watch Cruz’s boss acceptance speech below.


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