Actresses America Ferrera, Diane Guerrero Opened Up About Their Traumatic Immigration Stories And Not A Lot Has Changed

credit: dianexguerrero / Instagram

Traditionally, when industries like Hollywood portray well-distinguished and impressively successful characters on the big screen or in media, women— particularly Latinas— are often left out of the loop. Instead, they’re cast to the wayside and put into boxes where they portray small roles as women of less than humble means and education backgrounds.

Fortunately, in recent years, women of color have pushed their way to the forefront of the entertainment and fashion industries where they not only rule music and box office charts but also use their platforms to advocate for political and social changes. This is, despite the many obstacles that were set in their paths and despite the fact that they were often faced with systems that could have prevented them from reaching success.

In a recent piece by Marie Claire, the magazine spoke to actresses, advocates, and activists who came from immigrant backgrounds and are currently fighting for the rights of newcomers.

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