Gina Rodriguez Posted A Photo About Latina Power, But Twitter Isn’t Cheering On It’s Lack of Diversity

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It’s exciting to have voices like Gina Rodriguez in Hollywood. Not only is the “Jane The Virgin” star putting in work to broaden media perceptions of what it means to be Latina, the actress is also doing an amazing job of increasing Latina solitary behind the scenes. She’s making the entertainment industry cooler, holding it accountable for it’s lack of diversity, and also making it a hell of a lot more diverse than it was just a few years ago. When it comes to highlighting the struggles of Hollywood’s inclusivity of Latinas in media, Rodriguez is wearing all of the hats. Still, there’s quite a lot left to be improved. Yesterday the actress posted an image on Twitter that inadvertently highlighted a major failure on Hollywood’s part and just about everyone on Twitter is talking about it.

In a photo posted to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Rodriguez did a little bragging about all of the Latina power in her midst.

Fiercely Latina. #LatinaPower ????

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It’s pretty exciting for most fans to see. Mostly because the 15 women in the photo are all successful Latinas in the industry.

Fans were so excited they even gave the crew of Latinas their own name and we are so about it.

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And if you don’t think Gina’s L-Force is loads cooler than T-Swifts squad, you’re a little cray.

Still, fans were quick to point out that something pretty big was missing from the photo.

A little thing called diversity. Even though the photo includes women from various Latin American countries, backgrounds and physical sizes… It was really lacking in its range of color, nawwhudaymean?

Of course, it’s exciting to see our girl Rosario Dawson coming forth to represent Latina women of color in the photo.

“The Unforgettable” actress of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent has long been a representation and voice for Afro-Latinas on screen. Also, Rodriguez has been vocal about her own Afro-Latina identity. Still, users made a great point about the common features all of the women in the photo share.

And as one user pointed out, it’s unfair to put the burden of representation on Dawson alone.

Especially because she is not representative of all the women that make up the Latina rainbow.

Rodriguez’s photo is a reminder that there’s still so much work to be done in terms of fully representing all women in the media, although this is a step.

Of course it’s exciting and inspiring to see so many famous Latinas standing together in one pic. Still the photo highlights a huge problem in the media. When it comes to Latino representation in Hollywood it typically takes a full stop at light-skinned or white Latinas. More popular faces of color like Zoe Saldana, Judy Reyes, Soledad O’Brien and Dawson are beautiful, but they still don’t do the job of fully encompassing diversity. After all, Latinas can be black, Asian, from all types of indigenous tribes, mixed-race, and so much more. And we are capable of so much more, including representing ourselves on screen. We’re pumped for Gina’s L-Force! We’re also super ready for them to bring more color to the conversation.


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