Women Whose Husband Was Arrested By ICE On Their Way To Deliver Their Baby Suffered From Preeclampsia

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Recent studies have shown that, for some women, the psychological toll of giving birth can be traumatizing. In 2015, a report revealed that in the days, weeks, months and years that followed the birth of their child, some women develop a form of PTSD. Anyone who’s even witnessed the birth of a child simple on a movie screen can likely understand why such a moment can be traumatizing. Chaotic labor rooms, pain, and the anticipation of bringing a new life and responsibility into this world are just a few of the issues an expectant mother can face while awaiting the birth of their child in a delivery room. So, when reports of a woman who was forced to witness her husband’s deportation while ready to give birth, people online became particularly disturbed.

Maria del Carmen Venegas and her husband Joel Arrona Lara were on the way to a hospital to deliver their baby when ICE vehicles stopped them.

Arrona was driving his wife to the hospital where she was to receive a scheduled Cesarean section on Wednesday afternoon when they stopped for gas. That’s when, del Carmen, says two SUVs swooped into the gas station and blocked the car from exiting. They identified themselves as  Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and asked del Carmen and Arrona for their identification. Del Carmen was able to provide her ID, but her husband, who had been in a hurry to get his wife to the appointment, forgot his. Soon enough, del Carmen watched as her husband was carried away in handcuffs.

Security footage of the event, show her entering the gas station after her husband was taken away crying and upset. Soon after, Venegas got into her car and drove by herself to her appointment.

The lawyer to Arrona explained in an interview his concern that his client’s arrest affected del Carmen’s birth.

According to the lawyer, she suffered from preeclampsia, or a pregnancy complication marked by high blood pressure. “They left her alone,” Emilio Amaya García, the couple’s legal representative said. “They put the well-being and safety of the mother and baby at risk.”

On Saturday, officials released details about Aronna’s arrest that revealed he is a Mexican national wanted in his home country under a warrant for homicide charges. According to the Washington Post, he has been detained pending removal proceedings. According to CNN, del Carmen is also undocumented.

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