In the Wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, Latinas Are Sharing Words Of Love And Wisdom

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There’s no denying women and sexual assault survivors have had a particularly brutal couple of weeks. In the wake of the hearings and investigations into the sexual assault accusations brought forth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against and Brett Kavanaugh and his subsequent confirmation as a Supreme Court judge so many women and survivors have expressed their grief and hurt over being ignored and attacked for speaking up.

Fortunately, Latinas and so many other mujeres are spreading hope and spirit as a reminder that even when we feel at our most small and disheartened there’s still the future to look forward to.

Tessa Thompson shared words of both pain and wisdom.

These words by Jasmin Kaur are a reminder that in the next few months in particular, no matter what outcomes we see, women have to continue to speak up and raise each other’s voices.

America Ferrera used her platform to raise the voice of another.

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November is on the horizon. Beautiful words from my wise sister @valariekaur #Repost ・・・ The Wise Woman in me sees my sadness and sits with it. She does not shame it. She honors it. She knows that the new court will make the labor for justice harder and more painful, not for years but for decades. She knows I’m tired. She knows that I feel hopeless. She also knows that I don’t need hope in order to choose to show up and labor in love anyway. She knows that love will sustain me until hope returns. . Today I breathe with my son and my lover and my sister and the sky and the sea. Today I remember all that is beautiful and good and worth fighting for. Today I remember that the labor for justice has gone on for centuries before me and will go on for centuries after me. Today I remember that I am not alone — that if millions of women are listening to the wisdom within them too, and still choose to return to the work, then we WILL usher in a new era — where women are believed, where women lead. Starting in November. Today we breathe. Tomorrow we push. #BreatheAndPush #NovemberIsComing

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Ferrera’s Instagram post highlighted the words of American lawyer and filmmaker Valarie Kaur while also reminding us that it’s okay for us to remain upset about Kavanaugh’s confirmation as long as we do not let it steal our momentum.

And this page which reminded us of a great Latinx proverb.

One of the greatest things these hearings and Kavanaugh’s confirmation has taught us is that if you test the female spirit it will continue to fight. This Mexican proverb is undoubtedly a testament to that.

This rallying call.

Throughout the weekend, women tweeted the #NovemberIsComing as a reminder that when it comes to voting it’s now or never.

Cleo Wade took to Instagram to draw out the ultimate reminder.

Poet and author Cleo Wade has beeng bringing forth a case for hope in the weeks since news of Kavanaugh’s confirmation began to make headlines. Definitely check out her page for more voting and Latina Power inspo.

Odette Annable gave a lesson in how to harness our frustrations productively.

Colombian-Cuban Actress Odette Annable was another Latina who posted about her frustration over Kavanaugh’s confirmation and reminded us that we still have control and can take action.


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