Jennifer Lopez’s Decision To Avoid Creating Foundation For Her New Makeup Line Has Everything To Do With Inclusivity

Anyone who has ever had the honor of witnessing a Jennifer Lopez performance knows that she is a perfectionist who never wants to let her fans down. From her moves on stage to her screen presence and vocals on tracks, the puertorriqueña puts 100 percent into her work 100 percent of the time, all to ensure that her fans have a good time. It’s an admirable work ethic and trait that will be put on full display when the singer-actress’s new makeup collaboration with Inglot drops on Thursday, April 26.

Lopez’s soon-to-be-launched makeup line comes this Thursday, and it is the real deal.

The 70-piece collection is expected to include a suite of nude glosses, eyeshadows, blushes, powders, bronzers and highlighters that will help people of all colors recreate Lopez’s iconic look, known as the J.Lo Glow. One of the most anticipated products in the set is a customizable magnetic palette that will allow makeup enthusiasts to keep only their favorite shades.

Still, despite the loaded and versatile options, Lopez’s new line is missing one pretty big cosmetics bag essential: foundation.

Lopez recently explained that she opted out of including a foundation in her line to ensure inclusivity.

Speaking with Allure about her decision to exclude foundation from her line the first time around, Lopez explained that it stemmed from her desire to ensure that her customers only get the best. “I’d rather take it slow, do it right, and let people know that they can count on me that when I put something out I’m not just putting my name on it,” Lopez shared. “I want the product to stand for that.”

The megastar further explained her desire to create foundations worthy enough for each of her fans and the many different shades they come in. While her foundation line remains in production, anticipators can rest easy that the singer already has their backs covered when it comes to their lips. Her approach of ensuring accuracy and representation in her foundations is the same one she has used to create the selection of nude lipsticks and glosses in the new line. “I don’t think there’s one shade of nude,” Lopez told the publication. “I think there’s a different shade of nude for everybody that really makes you look beautiful.”

As you can probably imagine, fans are freaking out about the new line on Twitter.

Myself? I will probably be sick on the launch day unable to come to work and definitely not waiting in bed ready to put in my online order. ?

Literally, everyone is super hyped and ready for ANOTHER one of J.Lo’s gifts.

Because let us not forget, Lopez is a queen who paved the way for other women to have similar moments.

Even Cardi B cannot handle the pure glow that this line is gifting us.

Thank you @jlo ❤️❤️❤️

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There’s a new American Dream on deck, kids, and it ain’t a home with a white picket fence; it’s a makeup line gifted to you personally by Jenny. Okurrr.

Seriously, though, I wonder what kind of a loan I can get on this investment…

‘Cause this girl’s about to spend some Benjamins on this ish.


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