Latinas On Twitter Are Dragging The Machismo That Has Been Plaguing Our UTIs And Things Just Got Real

Women’s healthcare is a raging dumpster fire and if you’ve ever fallen victim to a UTI you know this burning truth well. The’re no doubting the fact that the centuries-long absence and exclusion of women in STEM fields have caused concern for women’s health to fall pretty low on the totem pole of medical research and treatment. In the U.S. over 100 million Americans report living with chronic pain. Most of these sufferers are women. Still, studies reveal that when it comes to women, doctors are more likey to discount women and their pain, chalking their complaints up to psychological pangs that they have to just learn to live with.

A recent thread on Twitter is highlighting this fact and Latinas, who are one of the groups most at risk when it comes to health because of systematic oppression, are especially riled.

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