‘Frozen’ And ‘Cinderella’ Were Inspired By European Figures, Here Are 20 Fascinating Latinos That Deserve The Disney Treatment

For decades Disney has created and generated fantastical films and fairy tales that have provided children with lessons about life and relationships. As children, however, not all of us learned that a majority of the magical tales that carried us to worlds that expanded our imaginations were actually based in reality or folklore. Still, as diverse and deeply rooted in history some of these timeless stories of bravery and resilience have been, tales of princesses from France, Germany, and even Baghdad haven’t always been relatable for those of us from Latin American countries. Looking back, it would’ve been nice to see charismatic, inspirational Latina Disney characters and princesses fighting for their ideological beliefs.

Although Disney has made great strides recently adding Latinx narratives to their cannon (we see you Coco!), we still can’t help but think of how much work still needs to be done. After all, every culture has legendary figures that are worthy of the Disney treatment. In light of this, we compiled a list of legendary Latinx figures throughout history that deserve their own Disney movies. Whether these figures are real or fictional, their stories are definitely worth telling.

Take a look below!

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