Women In Mexico Are Marrying Trees — And It’s Actually Brilliant

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In Mexico, women are tying the knot with trees, vowing to care and love for them as they would a spouse — and it’s actually pretty brilliant.

The brides, activists from San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca State, are getting hitched in an effort to raise awareness of deforestation and illegal logging as well as make a commitment to conserve nature.

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“I chose this tree as just a symbol, marrying a tree, but it is an implication of the big commitment to plant more trees, to bring an end to the deforestation that happens day after day in the environment. It’s saving ourselves,” Dolores Leycegui, who took the plunge at a recent “marry a tree” ceremony, said.

In Mexico, where a third of the land area is covered by forest, illegal logging is huge — and growing. In many cases, the U.S.’ obsession with avocados is motivating farmers to thin out pine forests and plant young trees for the “superfood.” The booming industry has even caught the attention of drug gangs. The Guardian reports that criminal organizations make about $109 million a year in extortion money in Michoacán, the state that produces the most avocados, alone.

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Holding bouquets while dressed in white gowns, wedding veils and pearl jewelry, 30 people said “I do” during the latest “marry a tree” ritual.

“The commitment is more than a symbolic wedding – it is also a commitment that is spiritual and action-oriented,” said newlywed Ivana Motalva.

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