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For Rosario Dawson, The #MeToo Movement’s Fight Against Sexual Harassment Is Personal

Rosario Dawson opened up about being raped and molested as a child in a recent interview with the podcast “Morado Lens.”

On last week’s episode of the Latina feminist podcast, the Puerto Rican-Cuban actress discussed #MeToo, a growing movement against the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, and how these behaviors, while illegal and disturbing, were also normalized because of the abuse she had experienced in her youth.

“I was raped and molested as a child, so for me the world was like that since I was a child,” Dawson told hosts Nathalie Farfan and Cindy Rodriguez. “So when I saw it at the workplace, it wasn’t foreign to me. It was like, well, that even happens within family. It happens with people that are supposed to take care of you when you’re a child.”

While the “Cesar Chavez” star said she had previously taken action against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, she also noted that the problem had been “insidious” for decades, and that the brave actors and actresses coming forward are helping others recognize that industry leaders can no longer harass or conceal violence with immunity.

“We are now in a place where finally, like, we don’t have to keep passing this on. This is archaic, and terrible and destructive, and let’s look at it … I’m so ready for this moment,” the 38-year-old said.

Dawson, one of the many A-listers who supported the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, a new coalition of celebrities, agents and lawyers standing up against sexual violence in the workplace, also stated that the problem of sexual harassment has no gender.

“This is a patriarchal world, so women particularly have had to deal with a certain sort of brunts and what that looks like with discrimination, but, regardless of the numbers, across the board, people are being harassed and abused because of power. It’s not just this sort of binary man-woman thing,” she said, adding that there are many cases of young boys who are also abused in Hollywood.

The actress-producer, however, is hopeful that the #MeToo movement and younger generations’ acceptance of one another’s identities will bring about a better future for the industry.

“There is a cultural shift that is happening right now, and the agreement that we agreed to before just doesn’t make any sense. They haven’t made any sense for a long time,” she said.

Catch the full interview over at “Morado Lens.”

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Fingers Crossed Rosario Dawson’s Relationship With Cory Booker Will Give Us Our First U.S. Primera Dama


Fingers Crossed Rosario Dawson’s Relationship With Cory Booker Will Give Us Our First U.S. Primera Dama

Last Thursday, veteran actress Rosario Dawson confirmed that she and Democratic Presidential nominee Cory Booker are dating. This finally confirmed the rumors about the two of them that had been circulating for weeks.

Speculation of a relationship between Dawson and Booker started when they were spotted spending time together in both New York City and Washington, D.C.

When Corey Booker appeared on the radio show the Breakfast Club last month, he vaguely confirmed a relationship by saying that he was dating someone “really special” and playfully referred to her as his “boo”. He went on to say that this special someone would make a “great First Lady”.

Meanwhile, Dawson fully confirmed the relationship when she was stopped by TMZ reporters at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, on Thursday.

In response to a question posed as to whether her and Booker are dating, Dawson responded: “very much so”.

The TMZ reporter first asked Dawson if she thinks Booker would make a good president, to which she responded: “I think so, yeah. He’s an amazing human being”. Dawson told TMZ when asked if Booker would make a great president.

When further questioned about the status of their relationship and the possibility of wedding bells in the future, Dawson laughed and responded, “I have no idea”.

“I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much,” she said.

Dawson went on to describe Booker as “brilliant and kind and caring and loving” before wrapping up the impromptu interview.

Dawson herself is no stranger to political activism. The “Jane the Virgin” actress co-founded the organization Voto Latino which aims to “encourage young Hispanic and Latino voters to register to vote”.

As for Latina Twitter, its feelings about the #Cosario relationship runs the gamut.

It’s easy to understand that people have mixed feelings towards the unusual pairing of politics and Hollywood.

This Latina was all positivity:

Well good for them I’m glad for @CoryBooker he’s able to have an enjoy a private life wish them both the best ????❤— Maria Alvarez (@MariaAl25005903) March 14, 2019

From Dawson’s praise of Booker, by all accounts, it seems that they’re very happy together.

Some Twitter users were still salty about Dawson’s controversial political opinions during the 2016 election.

Is she going to campaign for Bernie Sanders and vote against him like she did for Hillary? Be careful Cory!— Mari (@MariPRCAL) March 14, 2019

Dawson was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter in the 2016 election and, ultimately, vocally decided against voting for Hillary Clinton once she became the Democratic nominee.

Other people weren’t so happy that a politician is dating a celebrity.

Cory Booker is dating Mimi? I mean, Rosario Dawson?! These politicians are getting crazy as hell dating all these celebs. ????— KBK (@ikickkkthetruth) March 14, 2019

Many people like to keep politics and entertainment separate–for good reason.

And of course, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but many were pumped about the idea of Rosario becoming a First Lady.

First Lady Rosario Dawson of Puerto Rico and Cuba??? Now that’s the 2020 im living for.

Whatever the future holds with the new couple, we definitely wish them the best. And as always, if you want to make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming 2020, make sure to take the time to register to vote!

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More Mexican Actresses Are Opening Up About Sexual Harassment In The Entertainment Industry

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More Mexican Actresses Are Opening Up About Sexual Harassment In The Entertainment Industry

This week, How To Get Away With Murder actress Karla Souza revealed that she was raped by a director at the start of her career. The news brought the #MeToo movement to Mexico, where more women in the entertainment industry are now opening up about sexual harassment.

Actresses Paola Núñez and Stephanie Sigman have each talked with CNN about the intimidation they’ve experienced by male leaders in their field.

Núñez, most popularly known for her role in the novela Amor en Custodia, said her experience started from psychological to sexual harassment with a former director.

She landed a gig and the male director, who she did not name, told her repeatedly that the production team did not want her for the role, saying she lacked talent and beauty, and that he fought for her to get the part.

“That’s when the psychological terrorism and psychological harassment that I had to go through began,” she said.

After breaking her down mentally for two months, Núñez said he then started making sexual advances. First, he asked her to take photos topless, saying that he needed the images since the film they were working on had nude scenes. Then he had her watch a semi-pornographic film alone with him, noting that he wanted her to recreate the scene for the movie. While Núñez felt uncomfortable, she did not realize it was sexual harassment because he did not physically touch her. But one day, when the director was scolding the actress for a bad performance, he demanded that she show him, physically, that she deserved the role. Núñez told her manager and resigned from the project.

“Women are taught we are guilty for being women, for being objects desired by men, for being sexually objectified, we have assumed it so much, that we think we have to go through those things,” she said, noting that she has turned down several career opportunities due to sexual harassment.

This was the experience of Stephanie Sigman, seen in Netflix’s Narcos as well as the James Bond film “Spectre,” as well.

The Mexican-American actress was assaulted by a director and his wife when she was 22 years old. Waiting to use the restroom at a party, the man pulled her hair and took her into a dark room, where he and his wife began to touch her body without her consent. Sigman turned on the light and ran out the room. When telling others about what had happened to her, they belittled the encounter, saying that they are just an “eccentric” couple.

“Those answers are the ones that impact and hurt me, because you do not feel the support, and because I know that has happened many times,” she said.

Two years later, at a film festival, the director and his wife attempted to do the same thing to Sigman, even though she told the couple that she was uncomfortable.

Since spreading viral in 2017, the Me Too hashtag and movement has revealed the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment industry and inspired women in all levels of their careers to take action.

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