Latina Singer Sabrina Claudio Attacked Black Women In An Old Account And Twitter Is Coming For Her

credit: Instagram / @sabrinaclaudio

Sultry songstress Sabrina Claudio is a rising act in R&B. But while the vocalist is a lover of Black music, an old social media account is proving she doesn’t share that same affection for Black women.

On Monday, a fan revealed that before the Cuban-Puerto Rican singer started making waves musically, she was attacking Black women and using the N-word on her Twitter account, @OhDamnYoureUgly.

“It must suck to be a black girl with no booty,” reads one tweet from March 2012. “Fuck it, i’ll be a black girl for Halloween,” reads another one from that October.

Claudio, who was 15 and 16 at the time of writing the tweets, respectively, which have since been deleted, offered a lackluster apology after being dragged by fans.

“I am deeply sorry for the insensitive words I’ve used. Some of the things you are seeing are true while others aren’t,” Claudio, 21, wrote in a statement, though she did not distinguish which comments were true or false. “I realize my past ignorance is affecting people I care so much about and I am so sorry. I’ve made mistakes and while I cannot take them back, I will learn from them.”

The Miami native, who despite her apparent disdain for Black women has worked with Black male artists like Khalid, Duckwrth and 6lack, may — or may not — have evolved since writing her racist tweets as a teenager; however, her past, and how she is handling it in the present, speaks to problematic behaviors displayed by plenty light-skinned and white Latinas.

Whether, like Claudio, spewing anti-Black hate or, like J.Lo, casually using the N-word, or, like most of us, not speaking up when Black folks — including African-Americans, Afro-Latinxs, Afro-Caribbeans and Africans — are the butt of a joke or the reason we are told to be cautious in certain (read: Black) neighborhoods, light-skinned and white Latinas are part of the problem.

Yes, even you, in your Black Lives Matter t-shirt, who’s woke in professional spaces but raps the N-word when you’re home.

Even you, immigrant rights advocate, who ignores data that shows Black foreigners are more likely than others to be deported after a criminal conviction.

Or you, with your Black romantic partner, who gets hype when they tell you (light-skinned) Latinas do it better.

And you, the anti-cultural appropriation activist, who gets tight when the Kardashian-Jenners do or say anything about Selena but make no noise when they’re rockin’ cornrows.

And me, the editor who wants to center Black Latina voices, but still has more light-skinned freelancers.

We, light-skinned and white Latinas, are all complicit in anti-blackness, from the Sabrina Claudios, who are spitting on the women who built the culture they are starting careers in, to those who put in the work to educate and eradicate anti-Black racism and expect a soft, pale sugar cookie in return for their service.

Light-skinned and white Latinas, we must do better.

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