Selena Gomez Talked About Why Mental Health Breaks From Social Media Are Important

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She might be the most followed person on Instagram, but Selena Gomez says taking breaks from the platform are essential to maintaining her mental health. In her interview with Billboard, the singer talks about why taking breaks from social media has become a regular part of her routine.

Selena Gomez has a 129 million following on Instagram. For most, numbers like that would be enough to stay on the platform 24/7.

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It’s no secret that Gomez has struggled with her presence on social media. Despite her mass following, the singer takes breaks from Instagram, which she admits happens almost weekly. While studies show people even get high off the number of likes they received on a post, Gomez still takes the time to disconnect as a means of self-care.

The singer says when her mental health is on the line the number of followers she has isn’t enough to keep her on the platform.

When discussing this, the singer says, “Removing myself was about spending time with things that matter.”

Of course, because of her huge following, Gomez’s breaks from the IG playground don’t always perk up the team back at Instagram HQ.

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“I love Kevin [Systrom], the creator of Instagram,” she she says, then admitting “he has gotten mad at me in the past when I was like, ‘I have to take a break from it.'”

Gomez’s massive Instagram following has to be one of the most lucrative celebrity contributions to the growing platform. Still, she makes a good point about the importance of taking time to live in the moment with the people around you.

Love to Selena for always looking out for our health and self-care!

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