September Is Latina Health Month, So Step Up Your Wellness Game With These Health Blogs

ICYMI, September is a major month for us Latinas. Besides being Hispanic Heritage Month, September also happens to be Latina Health Awareness Month — a time dedicated to our wellness and prosperity. Whether it’s through conscientious eating, getting up and getting active or practicing mindful actions for body, mind and soul, now’s the time to learn more about stepping up our wellness game.

If you need extra motivation to live your healthiest life, look no further than these Latina wellness bloggers:

Celebrating food, language and community, De Las Mías empowers Latinas to live healthier, more joyful lives.

Founded by mother-daughter duo Ana Consuelo Matiella and Sada Naegelin, De Las Mías is a platform for all Latinas. Built on confianza, De Las Mías believes that a healthy lifestyle is achieved through support from your marinas, comadres y amigas. Besides offering options for healthier eating, motivated movement and clarity, they also offer a free lifestyle app.

Wellness also means maintaining our emotional health and Cosmic Christine is here for it.

Licensed therapist and love addiction coach, Christine Gutierrez runs Cosmic Christine; a site dedicated to cleansing and care. The self-titled diosa even hosts retreats where you can embrace your inner light and become one of her diosas too.

Somos Fit Latinas is a Houston, Texas-based fitness community with members from all over the world.

Focusing on fitness, positive personal growth and balancing our traditions with healthy habits, Somos Fit Latinas is pure wellness goals. And their yearly Taco Run — a marathon during which participants actually get to snack on their fave tacos — is reason enough to want to join!

Reminding us that health is not only about diet and exercise, Cultura Con Wellness stands for the reproductive health of Latinas.

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Today I celebrate how fertility awareness frees individuals. Fertility Awareness Method is reproductive justice work. I’ve officially dubbed anyone in this line of work as a FAMinist ✊🏽 • Give people freedom of choice about their fertility—every day! • Align with a menstruators’ hormones and cycles without harming or altering their anatomy or physiology. • Have no medical side effects. • Teaches menstruators to know, understand, and work with their body’s natural function and rhythms, which is empowering and practically helpful in family planning. • Help menstruators monitor their reproductive health and learn to distinguish what’s normal from signs that may need a physician’s attention. • Teaches how to chart cycles, which paints a picture of hormonal changes each day and month. • Do not suppress the body’s normal function and fertility. • Charting reveals what is going on in the body hormonally at any given moment. This has applications in family planning, to support their health, and to treat conditions like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and infertility. • Promote open communication about a couple’s family planning goals and their sexual relationship. ~ FACTS – The Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science 📸 @neosphotography__ . Credit Ovarian sign: @ovarian_psycos . . #fertilityawareness #faminist #faminista #periods #fertilityfreedom #freedomfromfear #bodyliteracy #bodyconfidence #powerofwords #ovarygang #bodypower2018 #reproductiverights #reproductivejustice #reproductivehealth #reproductivechoice #selfadvocacy #keepfamiliestogether #wellnesswednesdays

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L.A. based Cindy Luquin, wants you to feel empowered enough about your body to ask the real questions regarding reproductive health. With regular podcasts about contraception, well-woman issues and general anatomy 101, Culture Con Wellness will teach you a thing or two about your most personal spaces.

Dedicated to women’s wellness, La Saludable Latina offers insights for a more harmonious body and mind.

A podcast and blog hosted by Women’s Wellness coach Lilia Gomez, B.S., MSW, this resource takes health past just exercise and diet. La Saludable Latina focuses on topics like mindful breathing and creating peaceful spaces as well as traditional fitness and health topics.

Full of affirmations and plant-based diet tips, Holistic Samantha knows growth can take many forms.

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The treatment lies within the issue itself – Whatever you are struggling with, take a deep look at it and see what lessons are there to be learned. Too often we make rash decisions and jump into and out of situations without properly assessing why we are in this situation to begin with – When you are able to get to the root cause of something, you gain valuable insight into who YOU are as an individual as well as see the world more clearly – If anyone is going through a tough time, know that there is always hope. Even if it seems hopeless and you are hurting. Reach out for help, please. Believe in your innate ability and capacity for GROWTH and HEALING! We are vibrational beings… healing and moving into wholeness is always an option. And remember, no one can rule your mind or spiritual essence… that is between you and this universal consciousness✨protect yourself – Samantha Otero @holisticsamantha

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Run by holistic health practitioner Samantha Otero, the blog encourages the use of natural living for a more organic take on wellness. Nutritional therapy and superfoods are promoted by Holistic Samantha but so is mental healing and reflection.

Healthy Latina Lifestyle will inspire you to be zen AF with its focus on yoga, exercise and cleansing from the inside out.

Dallas-based Veronica Torres Hazley is a yoga boss and sacred self-care workshop coordinator who knows life is better with a little meditation. But Healthy Latina Lifestyle is more than a blog. Events like Taco & Chill, Namaste Lit and her upcoming Hey Chica Summit bring her brand of wellness to the masses.

Food is life-giving and Black Bean Inspiration reminds us that our meals can be healthy AND delicious.

Besides finding yummy noms on Abby Marroquin’s blog, Black Bean Inspiration will also give you tips and tricks on how to food prep to get yourself right for healthy eating the easy way.

Comadre Wellness focuses on the wellness of comadres, families, and communities of color.

Sometimes wellness comes externally from the people who help us in life. The collective of comadres, mothers, and women who make up Comadre Wellness know this to be fact. With that in mind, they offer resources such as a Chicana Mother Networking blog and information on resources like Immigration rights. They also organize community events because everyone knows we Latinas draw strength — and wellness— from each other.

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