Diego Rivera Kept A Bathroom In His House With Frida Kahlo Locked Up For Years After His Death To Hide Her Letters To Lovers

The nature of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s tumultuous relationship is almost as popular as their work as artists. In the decades that have followed their deaths, the pair’s marriage has been analyzed in academia, studied in the pages of literary journals, and portrayed on screen. Popular descriptions of Rivera and Kahlo’s relationship paint one riddled with infidelities and jealousy. One popular account of Rivera’s various extramarital trysts describes him of having once requested a note from his doctor that insisted he was physically incapable of being faithful, others about Kahlo have detailed her affairs with artists and political figures across the globe.

While the circumstances of their marriage have long been put on displayed and scrutinized, keys to a locked away bathroom in the couple’s former home are unlatching a new set of stories.

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