From Fed Up Teens To Mourning Mothers To Angry Celebs, This Is How Nicaraguan Women Are Fighting Back Against Political Violence

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“When the country is in danger, everything is allowed,” reads a sign, in Spanish, held by a woman dressed in the blue and white colors of Nicaragua’s flag. “Except not to defend it.”

The quote, originally said by Argentine general José de San Martín, who successfully led the struggle for parts of South America’s independence from Spain in the early 1800s, shares similar meaning to nicaragüenses, tens of thousands of whom have taken to the streets for almost a week in anti-government protests that have turned violent, with as many as 34 killed.

Demonstrators, incited by President Daniel Ortega’s now-canceled reforms to the country’s social security system, are lambasting the 72-year-old leader, who has ruled the Central American nation for the past two decades, for his authoritarian style, harsh police tactics and nepotism. Last year, his wife, Rosario Murillo, became vice president, and many believe she will succeed her husband in the 2021 election.

The people, who are calling for the married leaders to step down, want “democracy and justice” — or, as many more have put it: “freedom.”

“Nicaragua Libre,” reads the poster of another woman at a solidarity march in the United States.

From the fiery streets of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, to sidewalks in Miami and Los Angeles, women are leading resistance efforts. Here, images of Nica women demanding change, spreading awareness and asking for your help in their struggle.

1. “SOS Nicaragua”

Nicaragua's government and the mainstream media have been falsely reporting on the current situation in Nicaragua, where over 2 dozen have already been killed, many of them students and journalists. Protesters are not protesting only over the social security measures, but as a whole against the repressive and corrupt state of the current political administration, which is oppressively restricting freedom of speech and assembly. Sources on the ground have witnessed police and military attacking protesters, causing many of the deaths, while people paid by the government have been causing violence and looting. We stand in solidarity with the protesters's rights to freely express themselves and to have the democracy they wish for #SOSNicaragua #NicaraguaLibre || #SisterDiaspora #aLoveEthic

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2. “Nicaragua, Yo Te Quiero.”

Nicaragua, Nicaragüita….Yo te quiero mucho más ??? #Nicaragua

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3. “Viva Nicaragua”

4. “We Need Help.”

5. “Patria Libre”

Patria libre ??? #sosnicaragua #nicaragualibre

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6. “Que Se Rinde Tu Madre”

7. “Fuera”

8. “Asi Somos Nicaragua”

9. “Si La Patria Es Pequeña, Uno Grande La Sueña.”

10. “Nicaragua Quiere Paz.”

11. “El Dolor De Una Madra”

El dolor de una madre #SOSNICARAGUA #Nicaragua #nicaragualibre

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12. “Azul Y Blanco”

13. “No Mas Orteguismo”

14. “Grande Mi Nicaragua”

15. “Nicaragua, Te Quiero Libre.”

16. “Stop Muertes.”

17. “#SOSNicaragua”

18. “Pray For Nicaragua.”

19. “Fuera”

20. “We Pray For Peace, We Pray For Freedom.”

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