Women’s Response To Trump’s Roll Back On Birth Control Will Make You Give A Standing Ovation

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If you are one of the 55 million American women who obtains birth control through your employer’s health insurance, it might be time for a conversation with someone in your HR department. ASAP. That’s because on Friday, the Trump Administration initiated a new rule that allows employers to opt out of no-cost birth control coverage.

Under the new government mandate employers can sidestep birth control coverage by citing moral or religious objections.

The change is a massive roll back on the contraceptive coverage mandate issued by President Obama in 2010.

The original mandate, issued under the Affordable Care Act, took cost out of the equation for women in need of birth control. For advocates of women’s rights it was a massive achievement. For conservatives, who filed lawsuits, it was cause for an uproar. According to The New York Times,  Trump’s new rule will allow employers the right to site moral conflict with the coverage. Meaning thousands of women are at risk of losing their ability to access birth control.

Conservatives might be happy, but plenty on Twitter are incensed by the move.

Many on Twitter are having a field day over the new rule with the hashtag #HandsOffMyBC.

Excellent points have been made about birth control’s different uses.

People are still confused by conservatives and their inability to understand that birth control is used for more than just sex.

Others are criticizing officials for blocking contraception but dodging responsibility.

Alexis Isabel, founder of Feminist Culture is actively expressing her disgust on social.

And others are calling out conservatives for mixing-up their priorities.

After the most recent tragedy, we still can’t manage to process this one either.

Even politicians are on the offensive.

You know your girl Kamala Harris always has some words when women’s rights on the line.

After all of this, fortunately there is some good news.

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Trump’s decision to roll back the Obamacare mandate is yet another blatant attack on U.S. women’s rights. Luckily, women aren’t going to let him get away with it. Hence the Twittersphere’s latest firestorm, which is proof women won’t go down without a fight. Also, there’s another plus. According to Forbes, people working for bigger companies will feel “little impact” form the new rule.


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