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20 Ways to Celebrate Your Double Quince

Maybe you had a classic quince complete with chambelanes and a vals. Maybe yours was more like a big party that just so happened to come with a photoshoot and a tiara. Maybe you didn’t have a quince at all. Whatever your story, turning 30 offers the chance to do it all your way. The doble quince has become a popular way for Latinas to celebrate their heritage and their 30s in style. Here are 20 ideas to get you excited for a doble quince of your own.

1. Throw it back now

Credit: @lavega27 / Instagram

For a truly great double quince, it only makes sense to give your past a nod. This chica rocked her aunt’s prom dress from 1988 to celebrate her sister’s birth year at a doble quince celebration.

2. Embrace your teenage self

Credit: @nvasco / Instagram

You know your original quince photos are gold now. You looked so little! Your hair was so different! And OMG, that dress! Everyone loves a good #Throwback.

3. Make it a family affair

Credit: @bombazinedoll / Instagram

Quinces have always been a family event, just like any other, so do it up big and invite everyone to celebrate again. This treintañera celebrated her own birthday along with a family member’s 96th!

4. Your friends totally count as family, of course

Credit: @guacatelasas / Instagram

If you’re far away from home for your doble quince, never fear. Fill the room with your adopted familia and celebrate with the same loud, music-filled party you might have had back in the day. Plus, you can recreate the awkward family photos of your youth!

5. Buy the cupcake dress of your dreams

Credit: @cocojenkinsbass / Instagram

My quince dress was a knee-length number from Nordstrom, but part of me has always loved the over-the-top puffs of dresses that are so popular with quinceañeras. If you want to be a poofy princess, guess what — si se puede! You earned it.

6. Or re-purpose a prom dress

Credit: @ashlyyyanna / Instagram

There’s something undeniably practical about digging up an old prom dress and turning it into your doble quince outfit. It’s the perfect tribute to your teenage self. Plus, you can spend what you saved on even more glitz…

7. Buy that tiara, too.

Credit: @drunk_austen / Instagram

When I went shopping for my quince tiara, I wanted the biggest, sparkliest one I could find. I wanted to look like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, or Princess Diana. My mom convinced me to get a much more low-key version that suited me better, but if I have a doble quince, you’d better believe I’m going big!

8. Or swap it for a crown

Credit: @candi_bunny / Instagram

This Frida-inspired crown is also a totally modern take on the quince tiara. It’s perfect for a more casual celebration and lets you show off your breezy personality!

9. Don’t forget the party favors

Credit: @bmfergie / Instagram

How cute are these homemade velitas? Say gracias to all of your guests with some personalized swag telling them how much they mean to you.

10. Or the cake!

Credit: @natalie_la / Instagram

This Barbie quince cake is the sweetest thing. It’s a little bit vintage and a whole lot of adorable, perfect for a small get together that has plenty of style.

11. You know you need a doble quince photoshoot

Credit: @shaunajnielsen_photography / Instagram

If you had an old-fashioned quince, you definitely had an entire afternoon dedicated to taking dramatic photos of you looking like a true mujer…or at least, you and your mami’s idea of one. Bring back the tradition with some fun updates to mark your new decade!

12. Especially now that you can finally show off the attitude you’ve had since you were 15

Credit: @amandalagringa / Instagram

Your day, your rules! You may have had to pose like a nice, proper woman for your quince photos in the past, but now, you can show off your personality — and your attitude.

13. A photo booth is totally acceptable, too

Credit: @vanessacolosiodiaz / Instagram

Celebrate yourself and your cultura with a photo booth backdrop that’s as colorful as both. Your party people will love getting in on the photo shoot action. Consider setting up a Polaroid camera for instant snaps.

14. Especially if you can make your own weird and wonderful backdrop!

Credit: @feiteiraflame / Instagram

Can we talk about this fluffy royal penguin for a sec? This backdrop is customized, creative, and sure to instantly generate smiles. You don’t even have to say “quinceee!” to get the perfect grin here.

15. Let’s talk chambelanes, porfa.

Credit: @kgb.hair / Instagram

This royal court seriously dedicated themselves to the theme. Look at that purple suit and the dama’s purple hair! Your friends are far more likely to dress for the occasion now that they’re down for a good theme party.

16. Go wild!

Credit: @pabloshirley / Instagram

Who says sequins aren’t versatile? This doble quince queen had a chambelan de honor who totally dressed the part in a tux that matched her dress to the max!

17. Speaking of los chicos, quinces aren’t just for women anymore!

Credit: @the_only_juan17 / Instagram

Be real, some guys out there were jealous that you got to dress up and be royalty for the day. Now, it’s their turn! This necklace is the perfect bit of sparkle — more subtle than a tiara, but just as indicative of who’s the guest of honor.

18. Your doble quince can be casual

Credit: @stephaarellano / Instagram

If your first quince was over the top — or elaborate just isn’t your style — there’s nothing wrong with keep it casual. All you need are good friends and family, some festive decorations, and something sweet to cap it all off.

19. Any dress can be a quince dress

Credit: @jlamas2 / Instagram

Much as I love those swirls of chiffon and tulle, let’s be real: Any dress can be a quince dress. This reina wore a gold dress that can definitely be worn again while she celebrated her 30th in Las Vegas.

20. So whatever your doble quince dreams, do you.

Credit: @lachicadekaraoke / Instagram

Wear a tiara! Have a watermelon for cake! Blow out a giant candle! Bring the cat! You’re entering a new phase of your life, and you’ve grown and learned so much along the way. Celebrate in whatever style you want, because it’s all your own.

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Quinceañeras Are Extra AF, And These Cakes Are Solid Proof Of That

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Quinceañeras Are Extra AF, And These Cakes Are Solid Proof Of That

The most important part of any quince is the cake. We all know that quinces are always over the top, and that Latinos strive to make the event as memorable and as possible. That means doing things in the most over-the-top way. That includes the cake.

Oh, the cake! People really go all out for a good quijnce cake, with multiple tiers and wild colors and themes. It’s an amazing sight to behold.

These are 25 of the most extra quince cakes that you kind of wish you had.

1. This Beauty and the Beast cake that’s both a beauty and a beast.

theaprilscakes / Instagram

From the yellow frosting to match Belle’s iconic gown, to the rose petals, this is perfect because you immediately know where this is going. And to top it all off, the lit up rose in the glass case from the movie! I mean, if you’re gonna do it REALLY do it. And these people did that.

2. An multi tier ombre extravaganza.

paulainacevedo / Instagram

This is a more modern take on a quince cake, and probably one of the more tamer cakes you’ll find. It’s actually really lovely, and ready to eat. I stan a simple, beautiful cake.

3. A cake to match the quinceañeras dress.

jprieta_linda / Instagram

Listen, matching things that don’t usually go together is kind of amazing. And when young women want their quince dress to match their cake (or is it vice versa?) it’s really proof of their genius design skills. Some dresses are so pretty you can eat them, and now you can!

4. No really, the Beauty and the Beast cakes are kind of a thing.

arcoirisfinebakery / Instagram

Tale as old time. This version, I think it’s safe to say, is a more elevated design of the Beauty and the Beast cake. The golden curtain trim and roses with the encased rose at the top are just *chef’s kiss.* And adding Mrs. Potts and Chip? I mean what attention to detail!

5. The elegant monochromatic cake .

chantillyep / Instagram

This one’s for the fancy girls, with mamis and papis that want the quince to be a tasteful and bougie affair. Look at the tier of crystals and all the other shiny embellishments. And those simple flowers up top? Really just the cherry on top of a refined dessert.

6. A psychedelic cake.

lostboycakes / Instagram

Those galaxy cakes that are recently going viral are the dessert equivalent of a black light poster in a stoner kids dorm room, but somehow it works. East while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and trip out.

7. The pretty, pretty dress up cake.

dolchebakes / Instagram

Doesn’t this look like the cake version those old studio photos where the kids would wear giant flowers, floppy hats and overalls, and the whole thing was sepia toned? It’s sweet and cute and has a traditional, Victorian feel to it.

8. One cake? Why stop at one?!

sweets_by_r / Instagram

I mean sure you can have one multi-tiered cake, but why? When you can totally just have like 10 cakes that all match the big cake! Sure, ehy the hell not. Cake for everyone! You get a cake! And you get a cake!

9. A multilayered fondant show off.

gabyscake / Instagram

Bakers can do amazing things in fondant. So why not let them? This cake, with a layer that looks like a fancy silk pillow, a top that has fondant flowers, edible ribbon and other embellisments, is just short of being over the top. But it’s very VERY close.

10. A Barbie goddess cake for the princessitas.

panaderialatinabakery / Instagram

Hot damn this is a fancy ass cake. Like this family is really out here trying to prove something. The crystals, the glam clocking in at a 15 out of 10, the fondant draping and pillowing – it’s A LOT. BUt anything for their princess, right?

11. This cake that incorporates baby pics.

cheferickamaya / Instagram

This is a pretty cool idea! Guests can literally see every year of the quinceañeras life on her very own cake, and then eat her 5-year-old face right after. I mean when you think about it like that it sounds weird but overall it’s very neat.

12. Using real flowers to up the prettiness.

sosweetkarlaolvera / Instagram

Flowers and leaves are just a couple of things you can use to make a cake even more beautiful. No you can’t eat them, but you can appreciate their natural beauty. Adding real flowers and other plants has been somewhat of a new thing that makes for really lovely cake decor.

13. A cultural cake that honors your heritage.

delish630 / Instagram

This Mexicana definitely made the most of her special quince cake using Día de los Muertos as the theme. The sugar skull on top is the perfect tie in for the beautiful flowers and colorful designs. And making the main frosting color black really makes the whole design pop! This is all of our Coco land of the dead dreams come true!

14. Go designer or go home.

sugarbee_cafe / Instagram

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hello Kitty, you name it. Quinceañeras love showing off their love of major designer brands, often using them as the inspiration for their whole quince. It’s pretty tacky but whatever.

15. Quince cakes that go way extra are nothing new.

lilymarisol / Instagram

Look at this cake from the ’80s. The fountain! The flowers! The muñequita! The weird metal thing it’s all resting on! I love it! It’s just so 80s and so ridiculous and proves crazy cakes are nothing new, but if anything we have elevated the extra to a new level.

16. The bigger tiers, the closer to God.

laflordemayobakery / Instagram

I’m guessing this was a Strawberry Shortcake themed cake considering the colors and polka dots, but wow. That is a lot of tiers and a lot of cake. Walking into a party and seeing this beast will tell you right away that this party is gonna go all the way off.

17. When in doubt, just do more. And then some more on top of that.

altaquince / Instagram

You know that phrase, less is more? Yeah, that doesn’t exist in Latino households. Quince cakes with an everything but the kitchen sink mentality are really a sight to behold. This cake, with it’s endless fondant flowers and gold trim, is just short of being too much. But it’s on the cusp.

18. Some keep it way simple.

malenascakes / Instagram

And while anyone can say those big, ridiculous cake is too much, this might be too little. But it’s what’s inside my belly that counts, you know.

19. A vision in gold.

picazobakes / Instagram

Gold will always up the glam on anything, and that includes a quince cake. This one is minimalist wonder, and looks good enough to eat.

20. A starry night is always a dazzling look.

ceci_mitre / Instagram

If you ever wished upon a star that your quince would be the biggest, most glam party ever, this cake is for you. It’s got taste but the little sparkle goes a long way.
Whatever your taste is, or the theme of your quince, the cake is the best way to show your guests the night they’re about to have. Have fun with it!

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When Girls At A Texas High School Told Their Principal They Could Not Afford To Do Their Quinceañeras He Helped Host Them

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When Girls At A Texas High School Told Their Principal They Could Not Afford To Do Their Quinceañeras He Helped Host Them

In the small Mexican-American community of San Benito in Texas, most girls live for the day that donas, escorts, and lights will wait for them on the dance floors of their quinceañeras. But— at least up until four years ago— orders for cakes, gowns, crowns, food, decorations, and DJs ran up tabs that put such events well out of reach for the girls who lived there.

Now, thanks to a high school principal, not a single girl has to miss out on the opportunity to foster her Latino heritage and passage into womanhood.

Since 2015, the entire community of San Benito has hosted a quinceañera event for young girls and their families every year. 

Avenida Productions

Four years ago, Gilbert Galvan Sr., a principal at Veteran’s Memorial Academy, was asking students about their plans for the school year when answers from some of the young women at his school caught his attention. As a principal at the academy, Gilbert Galvan Sr. often walked the hallways and checked in on students and their well-being, asking them about their future plans and interests. If he heard a complaint or came across a student with a problem, he did what he could to help. This time though, after a few of his female students told him that they were not making plans for their quinceañeras because of financial reasons, Galvan Sr. was inspired to do the above and beyond.

Over the course of a few months, the educator sought out the help of his community and asked for donations to put on a quinceañera event for the girls. He received everything from cakes, dresses, crowns, volunteers to do makeup, even a mariachi performance. The first event was hosted for just a handful of girls and their families. Each girl received a donated dress to wear, a cake for her table, and a crown. In the years that have followed, Galvan Sr. has turned the event into a tradition, this time just a bit larger. Last year, 40 girls attended the event with their families, this year Galvan Sr. says that he will be hosting a party for eighty. Donations for the girls have come in from people across the country who have caught wind of Galvan Sr.’s event.

The community quinceañera has touched so many that it recently garnered the attention of a Hollywood production company.

Avenida Productions

Galvan’s son, Gilbert Galvan Jr. —who has worked in the entertainment industry for ten years— was inspired by his father’s efforts and pitched the event as a documentary concept to Fanny Véliz, the award-winning filmmaker and CEO behind Avenida Productions. Véliz will direct the documentary as well as co-produce it with Galvan Jr and Nelson Grande. In an interview with FIERCE the Venezuelan director explained that her hope is to highlight Galvan Sr.’s efforts in the community and explore the concept of how a girl can “be American and have a quinceanera.”

For Galvan Jr. the documentary will be key to showing audiences how Latinos connect to their culture. “I always felt completely connected to my culture because of where I grew up and because of my parents and my hometown.”

Together, both hope the documentary, called “Our Quinceañera” will showcase San Benito and Galvan Jr.’s community celebration. “My hope is that those who watch the film will be inspired to embrace their heritage and celebrate the power of community,” Galvin Jr. explained on the event’s campaign page. “We want to document this historic event while empowering and inspiring Latina girls across the country to pursue and achieve their dreams.”

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