#LatinaEqualPayDay Is Dropping Knowledge About The Disparity In Pay For Latinas

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November 2nd is Latina Equal Pay Day and it is more than just a day to bring attention to the striking pay disparity impacting Latinas. This day also marks the extra 10 months Latinas have to work in order to make the same amount as a white man made the year before — for the same job and same experience — because as of today, Latinas make only 54¢ for every dollar a white man makes. Latinas have the largest wage gap of any demographic, despite the fact that they represent one of the fastest growing groups of color in the country.

The national day of action is inspiring some women to share their own stories about how pay inequity has impacted their lives.

Almost everyone participating in the Latina Equal Pay Day hashtag had a story to tell.

Almost every story lined up with studies that support this fact.

Some women on Twitter admitted they didn’t even know that the gap affected them prior to today.

Cristela Alonzo was just one of many women sporting the “Phenomenal Woman” Tshirts to show support for equal pay.

A recent report by the Department of Agriculture found that the cost of raising a child has just hit $233,600 a year. Imagine having to raise four children when all you make is $6,000 a year.

America Ferrera also took part in highlighting the ridiculousness behind the stat that says Latinas will likely have to wait another 200 years for the pay gap to shrink.

And you better believe your girl Jessica Alba had something to say about the injustice.

And no surprise Isabella Gomez from “One Day At A Time,” spoke up as well.

There has been growing discussions about the pay gap in Hollywood as actresses have learned that their male co-stars have made more than they did.

Phenomenal women all over the country are showing just what it means to make less than a white male co-worker.

Hint: It means not cool.

It’s not just women talking about the issue. Men are coming out to support the women in their just fight for a fair wage.

While of course many of the Twitter users supporting the hashtag know it’ll be a long road to haul before we get closer to equality, it’s exciting to see the number of people showing support with the hashtag. For a better idea of how to help close the gap, check out these tips from the Latina CEO of FIERCE by mitú.


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