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#LatinaEqualPayDay Is Dropping Knowledge About The Disparity In Pay For Latinas

November 2nd is Latina Equal Pay Day and it is more than just a day to bring attention to the striking pay disparity impacting Latinas. This day also marks the extra 10 months Latinas have to work in order to make the same amount as a white man made the year before — for the same job and same experience — because as of today, Latinas make only 54¢ for every dollar a white man makes. Latinas have the largest wage gap of any demographic, despite the fact that they represent one of the fastest growing groups of color in the country.

The national day of action is inspiring some women to share their own stories about how pay inequity has impacted their lives.

Almost everyone participating in the Latina Equal Pay Day hashtag had a story to tell.

Almost every story lined up with studies that support this fact.

Some women on Twitter admitted they didn’t even know that the gap affected them prior to today.

Cristela Alonzo was just one of many women sporting the “Phenomenal Woman” Tshirts to show support for equal pay.

A recent report by the Department of Agriculture found that the cost of raising a child has just hit $233,600 a year. Imagine having to raise four children when all you make is $6,000 a year.

America Ferrera also took part in highlighting the ridiculousness behind the stat that says Latinas will likely have to wait another 200 years for the pay gap to shrink.

And you better believe your girl Jessica Alba had something to say about the injustice.

And no surprise Isabella Gomez from “One Day At A Time,” spoke up as well.

There has been growing discussions about the pay gap in Hollywood as actresses have learned that their male co-stars have made more than they did.

Phenomenal women all over the country are showing just what it means to make less than a white male co-worker.

Hint: It means not cool.

It’s not just women talking about the issue. Men are coming out to support the women in their just fight for a fair wage.

While of course many of the Twitter users supporting the hashtag know it’ll be a long road to haul before we get closer to equality, it’s exciting to see the number of people showing support with the hashtag. For a better idea of how to help close the gap, check out these tips from the Latina CEO of FIERCE by mitú.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called The Gender Wage Gap A “Generational Issue” And This Is Why She’s Right


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called The Gender Wage Gap A “Generational Issue” And This Is Why She’s Right

Pay discrimination is illegal in the United States, but women are still largely making less money than men for the same job and sometimes with even more credentials and experience. This week, Congress reintroduced the Lilly Ledbetter Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would offer employees “new tools” to achieve equal pay.

On Tuesday, House Democrats stood alongside Lilly Ledbetter, a woman’s rights activist and the namesake of the act, to reintroduce the bill originally signed by President Barack Obama in 2009, his first while stepping into his historic term.

The act, which overturned a decision by the Supreme Court that restricted the time period for employees seeking to file complaints of discrimination based on compensation, strengthens the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by allowing employees to compare salaries without retaliation and creating stricter penalties against companies that violate equal pay legislation. It would also provide training to help business owners and staff better identify pay disparities and address them.

“We implicitly recognize as women that the pay gap and wage gap is an injustice that persists through secrecy and it’s an injustice that persists to the present day,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, said at the conference, where 240 representatives co-sponsored the bill. “We cannot ask for salary history and pay people depending on their salary history anymore, because it is time that we pay people what they are worth and not how little they are desperate enough to accept.”

While women of all ages have confronted the gender pay gap, Ocasio-Cortez called it a “generational issue,” and in many ways it is, especially for Latinas. The bill would go a long way in helping the demographic, which oftentimes comes in last in regards to the pay gap. On average, Latinas earn just 53 cents for every dollar a white, non-Latinx man makes. And we’re going backwards, as the wage gap before 2018 was 54 cents — making the decades-long problem increasingly important today.

Ledbetter said that the Fair Pay Act, signed by President Kennedy, was the “first step but not the last,” because it did not offer women the tools they need to challenge the gap.

“We cannot subject another generation of women to this injustice,” Ledbetter said.

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Here’s The Best Exercise For Your Body Type Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Here’s The Best Exercise For Your Body Type Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Getting into shape is about as easy as resisting a free box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Yeah, it’s really, really, hard. And, it’s even harder when you feel like there’s no right sport out there for you.

Chances are, you just need to find the right kind of workout: one that’ll get your heart pumping, the sweat pouring, and leave you looking forward to next time! We’ve consulted your zodiac, and it turns out that there are still some unconventional exercises out there for you to try.

Read on to find out what you’ll be doing, next!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Instagram: @nicolas.torres.z

If you’re an Aries, you need to do something that will really set your inner flame alight. You thrive on competition and adventure. As far as you’re concerned, when it comes to exercise, if there’s no thrill in it, why bother with it in the first place?

Instagram: @geovannikihonbjj

Contact sports, like martial arts, are great for someone like you – from karate, to taekwondo, to boxing and mixed martial arts, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. With your fire-y attitude, Aries, you’ll be fighting like Jackie Chan in no time.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Instagram: @frazpoz

Taurus, you’re known for your stamina, and endurance. Some might call it bull-headedness, but once you’ve committed to something, you’ve got the dedication to see it through. Being an earth sign, you’re at your peak when you exercise outside.

Instagram: @kelshizel

Have you ever thought about playing Quidditch? Yes, it’s the same sport from Harry Potter. Quidditch for muggles is like a mix of football, dodgeball, and tag, all played on the one field, while the players keep a broom between their legs. It’s high time you gave it a try, Taurus, and embraced your inner witch.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Instagram: @sunjournal

Your idea of exercise involves moving your mouth, Gemini. For you, exercise works best when you can socialise with everyone around you. Of course, it’s even more motivating when you can wrangle a buddy into coming with you, so you can work up a sweat together.

Instagram: @m.pritchard.mono

That is why wife-carrying is perfect exercise for you, Gemini. It’s not complicated; it’s a sport that is exactly what it says on the tin. And, let’s face it, half of the battle is mental, with this one. It’s about being able to support your other half when you compete together. Gemini, with your gift of the gab, you’ll be in the perfect position to give your partner in crime that bolster they need to cross the finish line.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Instagram: @spiritualrenegade

Cancer, we know that you like to get in touch with your feelings, no matter what you do. And, your exercise routine is no exception. For you, exercise is really about experiencing the endorphin high that a good workout brings.

Instagram: @archbuzzer

Let’s face it, Cancer, the best way for you to burn those calories is to get hot and sweaty with another gorgeous soul in bed. A solid bonk ticks all the boxes for you. Exercise? Tick. Intimacy? Tick. Bragging rights over your newfound sex life? That’s a bonus.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Instagram: @starlight_ballroomdance

Exercise for a Leo isn’t just about getting fit – it’s about the performance of it all. You’re confident, courageous, and you like showing that off. You’re all about being at the centre of attention, and that doesn’t change when you exercise. 

Instagram: @dance_kangoo_jumps

Dancing fits you and your style, Leo. The more energetic, the better. For you, this could be as simple as bounding around the house, shaking it all out. Or, getting some structure into your routine and taking classes. The point is, you’ve got the energy and vivaciousness needed for showing off some serious moves.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Instagram: @gizlibahcelerimiz

Virgo, you’re one organised soul. Exercise, for you, is about making sure it fits into your routine. If you were really honest, you don’t mind doing the same thing, day in, day out – as long as it gives you the results you’re looking for. After all, you’re a perfectionist at heart.

Instagram: @blackmenwithgardens

As an earth sign, you’re pretty comfortable gardening. And, don’t get us wrong, we’re not just talking about just pulling out weeds. Hauling big plants, and shovelling mountains of dirt really gets you breaking a sweat! It also gets a routine going, since you’ll have to give your green babies attention every day. And, you’ll be seeing visible results in no time – both in your body, and in your rejuvenated garden.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)


As the sign of the scales, you excel at balancing activities, Libra. You’ve got a sense of poise that some people can only dream of. You’re not too fussed over the competitive aspect to some sports, so you’re usually happy just working up a sweat.

Instagram: @extreme__mtb

Libra, mountain biking is your style. More often than not, you’ll stay on the bike when other people would fall off. And, as an air sign, you’ll thrive on the fresh mountain air when you go biking.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Instagram: @moinyoungor.k

Scorpio, your ideal exercise routine incorporates some intensity. You like to get in touch with your competitive side when you’re getting sweaty. But, let’s face it, you’re really in your element when you embrace your more seductive side.

Instagram: @angelina.polerina

Pole dancing incorporates everything you’re looking for in a workout, Scorpio. While most pole dancers make the art look easy, it’s anything but. You’ll start doing pole dancing for sexiness of it all, but stay to prove yourself in the championships.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Instagram: @wearevertigobelfast

Cheerful and optimistic are two words that best describe you, Sagittarius. And, part of maintaining that upbeat outlook is having a workout that makes you happy. Since you’re a free spirit with a lot of energy, you need an exercise routine that reflects that.

Instagram: @craigiehighpe

The perfect way to work up a sweat for a Sagittarius is to go trampolining. Let’s face it, it’s hard to not feel happy after bounding your way through an exercise session.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Instagram: @beingabiker

As an earth sign, Capricorn, you thrive on competitiveness in your exercise routine. You’ve got the ability to endure, so for your workouts, you need something to make you break a sweat, and then continue to break a sweat. Your determination to succeed means that you’ll never let a hard session get the best of you.

Instagram: @rollerballthailand

Have you ever tried zorbing, Capricorn? Some would describe it as an extreme sport – after all, it involves getting inside a gigantic plastic ball, and rolling your way to the finish line. It takes considerable strength to control where you want to go, and we know that you’ll be up for the challenge.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

Instagram: @theminionfit

Aquarius, being the intellectual you are, you thrive most when your exercise routine engages both your body, and your brain. Your love of technology definitely influences your workouts. Variety is what keeps you engaged when you exercise – routines can kill your enthusiasm for getting fit. 

Instagram: @life_of_fee

The internet is your best friend when it comes to putting together an exercise program for you, Aquarius. We know that one day you’ll be scouring an app to get in touch with your inner yogi, and the next you’ll be firing up Youtube for a solid HIIT session.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Instagram: @aquajogclub

For Pisces, you need a workout that meshes with your sensitive personality. Since you’re drawn to taking care of the people around you, it means that you need to let off some steam more regularly than most. You benefit from the stress-relief exercise can give you when you’ve had a good session. 

Instagram: @runnersar

Being the sign of the fish, anything involving water is good exercise for a Pisces. Have you ever tried aquajogging? It says it all in the title – and it’s even popular enough to have its own world championships every year. Maybe we’ll see you there, one day!

So have you discovered a new way to tackle your exercise routine? Or, had you already found your own unconventional exercise to incorporate into your routine? Let us know on Facebook by clicking the icon at the top of the page!

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