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Every Latina Has A Selena Outfit That Matches Her Zodiac Sign, What’s Yours?!

Besides being the Queen of Tejano, Selena was a woman of style. She knew how to rock a mean Grammy gown but also had her casual caps and sneakers look on fleek on the reg. Astrology and fashion can make for a great combination when it comes to understanding how we like to express ourselves. For a better idea of what styles work for you check out the classic Selena looks you should be shooting for based on your sign.

Check them out below!

Aries  = Crop Top Selena and The Classic Denim On Denim Reina

Mar 20 – Apr 20

thepopculturelife / Instagram

Oh, Aries! Whether you knew this or not, you’ve got a sign that matches with la reina de tejano and similar taste for style to hers to boot. As an Aries, like Selena, you’ve got a great sense of style and you tend to go for silhouettes that are generally the same.

As a headstrong and determined ram you’ve got a great handle on what works for your body and what doesn’t. You know how to play up your greatest assets and tend to stick with a signature look once you’ve figured out what works for you. Most of Selena’s go-to looks included fitted pants and a crop top.

Taurus = Red Hot Selena

Apr 20 – May 21

selenatribute_ / Instagram

Okay Taurus, as a sign ruled by Venus,  the planet of beauty and love, we know you’re a chica who likes nice things. Most of your spurlges go to pieces that’ll make you stand out even though when it comes to style you often shoot for timeless pieces. As a sign that is a fixed sign, getting outside of your style comfort zone can be hard. Still, there’s no doubting the wonders you can pull of when you do.

Gemini = Dad It’s A Bustier Selena!

May 21 – Jun 21

selenatribute_ / Instagram

As a Gemini, the communicative planet Mercury rules your world which often forces you to make fierce and bold statements with your fashion. You’re pretty sly with your wit and eye Gemini, and when it comes to your fashion choices your brilliant style comes through. No doubt, you get compliments on your look on the day.

Cancer = Selena Whose Gonna Do What She Wants Anyway

Jun 21 – Jul 23

selena.bidibom / Instagram

You tend to go for the super playful and feminine look, Cancer and while you often shoot for class you also go with how you feel. Like Selena, if you wanna wear sneakers you’ll do it, if you want to wear a bustier no matter what Papa says you’ll do that too. You switch from comfortable and casual to high-class and runway ready with ease. 

Leo – Show Stopping Selena

Jul 23 – Aug 23

selenatribute_ / Instagram

You’re a fire sign, Leo and your sign is often associated with la reina de the jungle: La León. You’ve got a style that’s a mega show stopper and there’s no doubt your looks have been known to rule the school. You set the trends and your pack soon follow. No one’s missing what you’ve got to wear because a Leo like you just simply can’t be ignored.  

Virgo = Selena Who Wins Wins Wins

Aug 23 – Sep 23

selenatribute_ / Instagram

Hola Virgo! You’re a planet ruled by Mercury, which means you’re open to all types of communication. You like things how you like them, Virgo which means when it comes to your style you do things your way. You’re also pretty patient and have high standards which mean you know how to get a good bargain deal.

Libra = Selena Who Is Torn But Far From Broken

Sep 23 – Oct 23

selenatribute_ / Instagram

Okay lovable Libra, you’re a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which means you’ve got a natural look that can go for miles. You know how to play up your best physical assets with your style. You balance sexy/ classy with ease and know how to incorporate an edgy/ trendy look with your own style so that you rarely look back into your fashion past with regret. Of course, some days you struggle to make decisions about your clothes and the styles you want to by. You aim for frugal, but not cheap which means you’ll always rock a chic look that was low-key on sale. 

Scorpio = Selena Who Strikes

Oct 23 – Nov 22

selenatribute_ / Instagram

Ohh Scorpio, you’re a sign that knows how to bring the heat. You’re one of the most seductive signs which mean its hard for you to be ignored and viewed as anything less than spectacularly attractive. You don’t need flashy or glam looks to stand out. No matter what you wear, eyes are always on you.

Sagittarius = Selena Who Goes With The Flow

Nov 22 – Dec 22

selenatribute_ / Instagram

Sagittarius you’ve got strong opinions that match your fire sign. Represented by the archer, you’re a straight shooter who knows how she wants to portray herself when it comes to her style. You don’t feel a need to flex your sexiness through clothes and you’re not the kind of girl who’s constantly chasing trends. Like Selena, your confidence and radiance are what gets you noticed.

Capricorn = Selena Who Brings The Abs to The Meeting

Dec 22 – Jan 20

thepopculturelife / Instagram

You’re a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and maturity, which means Capricorn, you like to keep things professional and “appropriate” when it comes to your look. You know how to rock a power suit and you have no qualms with pulling on a sweater and sneakers if it’s just how you’re vibing that day. Like Selena your style has evolved with your understanding of style and taste. 

Aquarius = Easy Breezy Selena

Jan 20 – Feb 18

selenatribute_ / Instagram

YASS Aquarius you flower child you! You’re non-conforming and a social butterfly. Style is your fave but you approach your look in ways that fit your mood and state of mind. You go for looks that’ll make you feel free and loved. Just like Selena you’re above trends and know how to rock a mean red lip.

Pisces = Un Poquito Loca Selena

Feb 18 – Mar 20

As the most creative of all of the water signs, you know how to have fun with fashion! Just like Selena! Your talent and creativity mean that you know how to work it when resources are low and know a good Goodwill sale when you see it. Like Selena, your style is ever growing and changing, but nothing will ever keep you from shooting for a daring look that strikes the balance of sexy / un poquito loco.

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Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’


Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’

A brand new line of Selena Quintanilla merch has arrived at Forever 21, and we’re all feeling muy excited.

The popular clothing retail store debuted “The White Rose” collection Thursday, with T-shirts, pants, hoodies and accessories celebrating La Reina de Tejano available in its stores and online. Prices range from $3.90 to $78.

On Friday, the late icon’s sister Suzette gave a sneak peak of the collection when she shared a video of herself sporting a hoodie with the “Como La Flor’s” singer’s face on it.

“Trying super hard to look cooollll in this new Forever 21 X SELENA hoodie,” she said.

Suzette, who famously played the drums in the Quintanilla family band Selena y Los Dinos, also attended a F21 meet-and-greet event at a Cerritos, Calif. location, where fans swarmed the shop in their Selena tops excited to take pictures.

“So much love and fun meeting everyone today,” Suzette wrote on Instagram after the event. “Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to really sum up how grateful I felt to receive all this love I felt today.”

But while most people are celebrating the new Selena-inspired gear and accessories, others have expressed disappointment, both in the brand and the Quintanilla family.

As for Forever 21, most of the items in the collection aren’t available in plus-size. According to the Revelist, of the 94 pieces, just six have curvy offerings, including graphic tees, one that’s not available yet, and plus-size jeans that are web-exclusive, and anyone with meat on their hips and legs knows how difficult it is to find a pair that fits, making in-store fittings necessary. Even more, while straight-size items include several crop tops, all the plus-size tops are full-coverage.

Several women of size expressed their disappointment in the collection’s lack of plus-size offerings, and Suzette, who also identifies as plus-size, weighed in.

“Hi, I totally understand but there is a couple shirts that are come in our sizes,” Suzette responded. “I really hope I can have the opportunity again to create a collection with a [lot] more for us plus size girls.”

Neither she nor her family, however, has responded to the second critique of the collaborative collection: That the Quintanilla family decided to work with a fast-fashion brand that is famous for sweatshop-like factories and animal abuse.

On Instagram, owner of the Etsy shop Barbarawarbara, called out the Quintanilla family’s ethics and double standards. The designer, who has created pins, pouches and shirts celebrating the singer, common among Etsy shops, revealed that the Quintanilla family threatened to sue her for inexpensive merch while teaming up with a big brand that has a troubling history, particularly for exploiting workers of color.

The debut comes almost two weeks before the 24th anniversary of the Tejana icon’s death.

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The Best Tributes To Selena Devoted Fans Of The Reina Made This Year


The Best Tributes To Selena Devoted Fans Of The Reina Made This Year

At the height of her fame, Selena was a Tejano star whose concert attendance shattered records both abroad and at home while also gaining her certain type of love and adoration that can only be attributed to her fans.

Here’s a look at the best tributes to Selena’s legacy.

Country music star Kacey Musgraves paid homage to the late Tejano reina at Rodeo Houston where Selena gave her final performance.

@KaceyMusgraves / Twitter

The six-time Grammy Award winner’s reverent rendition of the beloved Selena song couldn’t have been performed on a more appropriate day. In keeping with Selena’s performance at the Houston Astrodome, which was song 24 years to the day, Musgraves entered the dome on a horse while wearing a white jumpsuit.

Musgraves’ decision to sing in Spanish lends a thread of unity to her audience.

@laflorhes / Twitter

In recent years, Musgraves has proved herself to be a far cry from the traditional image of a country music star. Country music has long been part of a history of anti-gay, racist, and conservative sentiment. The imageries most associated with the genre, ones related to empty bottles of whiskey, pick up trucks and blondes in cowboy beats aren’t ones that many liberals of colors are either eager to hitch their wagons to.

It’s why, when the LGBTQ+ affirming singer sang to a crowd of country music lovers in Spanish so many outside of the country music community felt particularly touched and optimistic.

Fans of Selena have been quick to comment on posts about the country singer’s cover with one fan writing “Kacey musgraves Spanish accent is pretty good and why? because she’s Different she’s that new type of country.”

Others were quick to share how immediate Kacey’s gesture to include Spanish speakers in her lineup affected her fans. “The crowd surrounding me were chatting and I heard comments such as, “Who is this?” and “Is she speaking Spanish?” They were younger non-kids of color so she may have unknowingly introduced Selena to a new crowd!” another Twitter user wrote.

Cardi B Paid Also Tribute to Selena Before Her Record-Breaking Performance at the Houston Rodeo

Cardi B has always repped her Latinx heritage loudly and proudly, including supporting and collaborating with fellow Latinx artists like Bad Bunny and Bruno Mars. She took the Latinx love even further by taking to social media to pay tribute to the Queen of Tejano music herself: Selena Quintanilla.

As we previously reported, Cardi B was chosen to perform at the famous Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show–otherwise known as the biggest rodeo in the world. In line with her heretofore history-making career, Cardi B broke further boundaries by smashing the rodeo’s previous attendance record and playing to a massive audience of 75,580 people.

Before hitting the stage, Cardi took to social media to share with fans how nervous she was to perform in front of such a large audience.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

Wearing a very fitting sparkly pink cowgirl outfit, Cardi stood in front of a picture of Selena, also dressed in a western-style outfit, and addressed her 41 millions followers.

“I was so nervous to perform in front of 70,000-plus people, but when I saw this picture,” Cardi said, pointing to the photo of Selena wearing her signature bustier and an off-the-shoulder leather jacket, “…I knew I was gonna be alright.”

According to Cardi, the outfit Selena was wearing in the photo was the style inspiration for her recent “Please Me” music video.

In her “Please Me” music video, Cardi B wears a very similar purple bedazzled Western-style leather jacket and matching bustier along with corn-rowed hair stacked with gold beads, effectively repping both sides of her Afro-Latina heritage.

Cardi continued to stan for Selena by singing along with a recording of “Como La Flor” that was playing in the background, including turning and serenading the picture of Selena on the wall.

Twenty-four years after her death, Traveling Selena made sure the singer’s influence is still being felt across the world.

Today, nearly 30 years after her death, the American singer’s legacy has continued its stretch across the globe, partially in thanks to a devoted Instagram profile called Traveling Selena which features the late singer in Barbie doll form at some of the most recognizable sights around the world.

In the style of a traveling gnome, the Instagram account is taking n the Tejano singer to some of the most recognizable sights in the world. Even more exciting the page’s creator features Selena wearing some of her more memorable outfits. The page’s account describes itself as taking pics in front of some of the most beautiful places! Outfits and pics are all my own.”

So far Selena has gone to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

During her career, Selena expanded her fan following by touring New York City, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Central America. At the time of her death, despite her broad international fan base which included countries such as Japan and Australia, she had not traveled much outside of the Americas. Now ya girl is getting to do the Bidi Bidi Bom Bom wherever the account goes. Including.

To Phuket.

Where even ancient dragons aren’t as fire as her replicated outfits.

They’ve even taken her to San Fran…

Where Selena’s most basic fan base will adore the Instagrammable pics taken by the bridge and the house from “Full House.”

And to see one of the world’s most iconic figures of all: Selena herself in wax form.

How meta.

And to San Diego

I love that they have Selena being a true millenial taking pciks in front of mural art.

As well as the zoo

And heading off to bless the animals at the zoo with her presence.

Even to her own mural

The best part of these pics is that we now get to add locations to our bucket list.

And Khao San Road

Literall watching Selena head off to all of these places is giving me so much wanderlust.

The Phi Phi Islands

Her trip to Thailand looks like the best ever and now I want to go take a vacay at a tropical get away.

On a Tuk Tuk

This is the best look above all and now I want to hop on a tuk tuk and take a ride!

All of the way to Sunset Station

Nothing more divine than Selena in her Dreaming of You outfit.


Selena visiting the Caribbean?! Hope the account takes her back to Puerto Rico.

And Multnoham Falls

Selena literally living our best lives beyond the grave is everything.

And of course Avatar Land!

James Cameron would be so lucky to include the Latina icon in his wonderfully made up land.

BB even got to Palace of Fine Arts

Selena being her most real Barbie self outside of the palace of fine arts is everything .

And to the Cola factory!

And look at her chilling next to her favorite beverage of choice.

Girl got herself to Vegas!

Seeing the diva showing off a totally classic outfit on the strip will give you major going out vibes. Bidi bidi bom bom.

And The Full House house

Selena rocking her fullest self at the Full House house will give you all kinds of nostalgia for forever.

Of course Her favorite place in all of the land!

Selena went to visit her favorite state in the country: Texas for Halloween and got dressed up as the true reina that she is.

And last but not least the gum wall

Wearing one of her iconic outfits, Selena suited up to go to the gum wall.

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