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From Squoval to Stiletto, Your Nail Style Reveals Your Secret Horoscope Sign

Only moments after flopping down in the chair at a nail salon, you’re faced with some serious questions: Squared or rounded? Long or short? Decisions, decisions, ladies. Surprisingly, your answer may reveal more about you than you ever dreamed possible. Your abuela always warned you to never leave the house without makeup, but did she tell you that your choice of nail style could reveal the core of who you are?

We never want you to head out into the world uninformed, so we’ve crafted this handy little guide. That way you know what message you’re sending the world, and also what star sign your inner-self was born under.

Aries, Meet Adventurous and Outgoing  Nails.

Instagram @jelani_themuse

Lipstick style nails are an absolute must for the adventurous, outgoing Aries. Notice the unique slant at the tip? This style captures the essence of the playful Aries sign, with just enough edge to call it her own. Like the nails she dons, the Aries gal always bounces back after turmoil. Live dangerously, Aries!

Taurus, Sensual and Down-to-Earth Squoval

Instagram @shanna_threesixzero

Few styles are more traditional and earthy than squoval nails, which provides the perfect complement to the sensual Taurean. Universally flattering, squoval nails have a flat tip with softened edges, an undeniable analogy for those born under this star sign. Just don’t break those talons, for there is a n unhampered tsunami lurking beneath the calm ocean trough. Embrace the calm, Taurus!

Gemini, the Fashion Diva Stiletto Claws

Instagram @Roxysnailboutique

They may look fierce, but just like the forever-young Gemini, stiletto nails are vulnerable and prone to breakage. Terminally curious, our Gemini sisters can be delightfully mischievous, which plays well with this super-long and sharp nail style. It’s important to remember that those born under this sign, much like the nails she flashes, can be used as weapons, so tread lightly when it comes to conflict. We love your playful spirit, Gemini!

Cancer, Compassionate + Emotional Almond Nail

Instagram @Texasnailsandspa

Life is in constant motion for those born under the Cancer sign because they live so much in their internal oceans of emotions. It’s befitting, then, that the traditional, rounded almond-style nails are oft associated with the Cancer gals. The nail wall is tapered to a round peak, just like a real almond, and has that ongoing circular motion – like an ocean. Snuggle up, Cancer!

Leo, Charismatic and Stylish

Instagram @imagicnails

Hold on to your cafe con leche, girls, it’s about to get real. Nothing says ‘fun’ more than the positive-thinking Leo, just as nothing spells ‘playful’ quite like the flare nail style. As the name suggests, this delish type of nail flares up and out – just like the uber-confident Leo who prides herself on loyalty, good fortune, and charisma. Let’s hear it for our Leo sisters!

Virgo, Always of Service

Instagram @Chelseyhibbertnailartist

You remember those medias, the ugly ones with lace plastered on, that you were only allowed to wear on special occasions? Or the plastic-covered furniture that could only be used when special guests stopped by? Chances are, those high standards were prescribed by the ever-giving Virgos. Which is why it can hardly be surprising that the nail style ruled by this sign is the short and simple round nails. Filed into a perfect semi-circle, this shape resonates well with the reliable sisters born under the Virgo sign. Time to raise a toast to the Virgos among us!

Libra, the Peace-Loving Gals We Love

Instagram @studio25cosmetics

Seeking grace and refinement, the Libras among us are perfectly suited for the mountain peak nail style. Just as you know to ask your elders for a bendicion when you arrive or leave the house, our Libran sisters prefer a style that conveys respect (while holding on to their ever-important good fashion sense). If you crave a look that is simultaneously functional and eye-catching, harmonious and a little…different… you may very well be born under the sign of the scales. Peace, Libra gals!

Scorpio, Passionate + Powerful + Unforgiving

Instagram @Erikalovesbeauty

Everyone knows — and loves — a Scorpio. Their reputation precedes them. And who could fault us for secretly envying the mysterious ways of these “oldest souls?” Yet beneath that veneer is a person who is exceptionally vulnerable to emotional rifts and turmoil. Which brings us to her fave nail style: the pointed tip. Not as tapered as the stiletto, pointed nails are generally pretty straight until the unorthodox tip, which is filed to a triangular shape. This style does well with acrylics, which makes sense given than the shape on a natural nail is apt to soften and break. Sound familiar, Scorpios? Stay wise, lady Scorpions!

Sagittarius, Seekers of Spontaneity and Optimism

Instagram @citygrave

It can be difficult trying to corral our free-spirited Sagittarius sisters. Just like your medicine cabinet always had Vicks VapoRub “just because,” those born under this star sign can always be counted on to have a ‘yes’ even when the response should be ‘no.’ Skinny dipping at midnight? Count her in! Cracking jokes at a funeral? That’s her. And just because you don’t follow society’s rules (overrated!) doesn’t mean you don’t care. Take your preferred nail style, for example. You embrace coffin nails not only for their beauty, but for their damn shocking name. Way to surprise us all, Sagittarius!

Capricorn, a Mountain Goat Among Us

Instagram @deluxnailsgnd

Sure, it’d be easy to assume that the sign represented by a mountain goat would possess none other than the mountain style nails. Yet this would be incorrect. See, our Capricorn sisters are known for their conservative, cautious, and compassionate traits. Which is why the simple, classic oval nails are a perfect fit. With a more extreme curvature than round nails, this style has a slimming effect on all finger shapes. What makes it most appealing for the Capricorn lady, however, is that it’s designed to never crumble under pressure — just like the Capricorn herself. Steady and solid is your kind of beat, Capricorn!

Aquarius, the Trendsetters of Our Time

Instagram @acatinblack

Those born under the sign of Aquarius not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along. This explains their emphasis on nail art as opposed to nail shape. You can find them sporting styles that reflect the season (painted bunnies for Easter, anyone?) and colors to match (red and green in December?). What you won’t find, however, is a lady who hasn’t given careful consideration to just how she wants her nails to appear. Now what cause can you go help, Aquarius?

Pisces, an Otherworldly Girl

Instagram @nails_by_maryberry

What happens when you combine the Pisces’ inner quest to explore their “ivory tower syndrome” with an innate attraction toward fantasy? Let’s just say that can lead them into some most unusual and unlikely styles. Take their choice of nails, for example. Otherworldly. Alluring. Sensitive. All these are apt descriptions of the Pisces woman and her sense of style. Which is why it’s hard to nail down (pun intended) exactly what this girl is up to. Jewels, polka dots, and fragmented colors are only a few of the tricks up this gal’s glove. Way to explore your creativity, Pisces!

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People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners


People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners

Yes, we know. Makeup maven Kat Von D has been long been on the outs with fans who once adored her. In addition to the slew of offenses stacked up against her, Von D’s recent declaration that she would not be vaccinating her son after his birth certainly has not done her any favors.

Now, the tattoo artists’ latest controversy means she’s enduring another fall from her fans’ graces.

Beauty enthusiasts are currently accusing Von D of scamming them out of their money with the Trooper Tattoo Liner

Cheyenne Vaughan / Facebook

At the end of last month, Facebook user Cheyenne Vaughan accused Von D’s makeup brand of “putting a sample-size eyeliner into a longer-shell tube,” and then selling it to customers for “triple the price.”

Vaughan shared a photo of the eyeliner in her post that showed the dismantled product in three pieces. One was a long tube, the other a cartridge that holds the actual product, and the last piece: a cap.

“Yall I’m about to lose my mind right now,” Vaughan wrote in the post. “Kat von D really been putting a sample size eyeliner into a longer shell tube and selling to my dumb ass for triple the price. I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND RIGHT NOW.”

Facebook users who saw the post were quick to respond to Vaughan.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” wrote on user.

Others came to Von D’s defense, asking Vaughan to support her claims with actual facts.

“Did you actually make sure this is factual, by weighing the amount of liquid in each one? I didn’t think so. Wtf is wrong with people??”

And of course, many didn’t waste time in bringing up the fact that Von D is anti-vaccinations.

“Y’all need to stop supporting the anti-Vaxer,” one wrote.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” replied another.

Six thousand shares of the post later, and Von D responded with her defense.

@thekatvond / Instagram

In a post to her Instagram account, Von D asserted that she wasn’t cheating customers. In fact, according to her, while the cartridge is the same size for every liner, the amount of ink inside of it differs depending on the liner size.

“The cartridges in both full size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different. So, for example, the product fill on our full size Tattoo Liner is 0.55 ml, while the product fill for the mini is 0.2 ml – thats over DOUBLE the amount of product! Any brand who has an eyeliner with similar component on the market will tell you the same thing. You need that much cartridge space for the pigment to flow out,” she wrote.

See for yourself in the comments section of Von D’s post on whether or commenters are satisfied. Hint: people remain stanning their anti-Vanti-ant-vaxx position.

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These Latina Inspired Manicures are Just the Style You Need to Rock For Your Next Mani

Everyday Runway

These Latina Inspired Manicures are Just the Style You Need to Rock For Your Next Mani

Nail care has come a long way since the first manicure salon opened in New York in 1878. First considered part of the medical and hygiene industry, manicures were only for the rich who favored short, round nails as a symbol of wealth. Despite it’s origin, manicures are now widely available, inexpensive and more creative than ever.

Innovation in the nail care field has seen manicurists push the limits of what can be realistically done to nails. Bubble, sculpted and embellished nail art are seen both on the runway and in your barrio. Themed nail art is an especially popular trend and is designed to express individual style.

What better way to express that style than with nail art specifically designed for Latina-themed manicures?

These creative Latina-inspired manicures  have your girls asking where you got your nails did.

1. The perfect match for your concha craving.

Credit: topknotnails / Instagram

Is there anything better than a fresh-baked concha? How about getting those pretty pastel pastries without worrying about your diet? This concha nailsart offers just the sweet manicure you need. These handpainted nails come courtesy of TopKnot Nails in Portland Oregon.

2. Nails fit for a queen—specifically the Queen of Tejano music.

Credit: naildbycassiechaos / Instagram

Selena has been an icon since she first stepped up to the microphone. Show your devotion and immortalize the superstar with your next manicure. These nails, designed by San Antonio’s Cassie Chaos, add even more glitz and glamour to iconic images of the Queen of Tejano music.

3. Nails for you Dominican dolls.

Credit: allthingsada / Instagram

Show your love for your Dominican roots with this manicure featuring the country’s muñecas sin rostro. These colorful dolls are created without facial features to showcase the diversity of the Dominican people. This lovely nail art comes from master nail technician Ami Vega.

4. Manicures like this will protect you from the Mal de Ojo.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

Your mama, tías and abuela have been warning you about the dangers of the Evil Eye all your life. Now you can take the protection of the Mal de Ojo with you wherever you go. This killer mani is another masterpiece to come out of Ami Vega’s New York shop.

5. A mani that’s just plain ingenious.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

These nails completely capture the vibe of Mexico and the Southwest. Based on the beautiful artwork of ingenous_, these nails feature colorful depictions of cacti, Day of the Dead-styled skulls, and a tiny Frida. Furthermore, this mani is another incredible handpainted work of art by Ami Vega.

6. Let’s Taco-bout these nails.

Credit: nails_by_kait_ / Instagram

Do you wish that everyday were Taco Tuesday? With this manicure, it can be! First of all, we’ve gotta taco-bout this mani’s punny message. The colorful palette and handpainted artwork is courtesy of the creative Nails by Kait.

7. Rep these raspas next time you hit the salon.

(Insert insta)

This mani will take you back to those summer days outside the refresqueria. You can practically taste the sweetness when you look at these gorgeously embellished raspas. Nail artist Ka Yee is responsible for this refreshingly unique manicure.

8. A perfect offering for Día de los Muertos.

With these nails, you can celebrate Día de los Muertos every day of the year. This manicure features traditional imagery, like sugar skulls and flowers, to observe the festival of the dead. These hauntingly beautiful nails are the creation of irienailsllc.

9. This manicure is meant for Mass.

Credit: ddawn122 / Instagram

No doubt, your overly devout grandmother will gush over these works of art. Catholic iconography and bling collide to create the baddest mani this side of Sunday Mass. With this mani, making the sign of the cross never looked so good.

10. These nails will match your cutest Pueblo dress.

Credit: mc_dingbat / Instagram

Delicate florals, lace, and embroidery are mainstays in Mexican fashion and art. So, we’re not surprised to see these images make their way onto our manis. This Pueblo-inspired design comes to us from the artists at Florida’s s Nail Art Lounge.

11. Where this sweet mani when you get all dolled up.

Credit: nails.15_beautyinyourhands / Instagram

These sweet Mexican rag-dolls will take you back to your days as a little girl. You’ll never be alone when you display these darling dolls on your nails. These cute memories of our childhood were created by Nails 15 in Baja California.

12. Inspired by the beauty of Mexican ceramics.

Credit: missbettyrose / Instagram

Your friends will think they wandered into a Mexican market when they see you sporting these clean and colorful nails. Looking like the ceramic tiles you’ll find adorning our cities, this manicure uses delicate handpainted brushwork to replicate the look. This nail art was created all the way in Sydney, Australia by Miss Betty Rose.

13. When you want to wear your heart on your sleeve (or at least your nails).

Credit: rosebnails / Instagram

In Mexican Folk Art, there are a few images that are essential to depicting the genre. The Sacred Heart, crosses, skulls, and cacti are all essential to an authentic piece. With those guidelines checked, this mani is a true work of Mexican Folk Art. Miami’s Rose B Nails is the artist behind this handpainted masterpiece.

14. Show you’re crazy about cacti with these nails.

Credit: lluvia_stampingnail / Instagram

Cacti can be found across the Southwest United States, down through Mexico and across Latin America. Whether we’re growing succulents in our gardens or grilling up napoles, cacti have become a symbol of our cultures. This stamped manicure is a true Mexicana original designed by lluvia_stampingnail.

15. Rock these if Guadalupe is your homegirl.

Credit: alicemcnails / Instagram

Ever since La Virgen appeared to Juan Diego, she became the OG homegirl. Hand-painted to perfection and decked put in dazzling embellishments, these nails are the perfect tribute to the Queen of Queens. The nail tech behind this heavenly design is London’s Alice McColm.

16. You need these for your next night of Loteria.

Credit: chachacovers / Instagram

Are you feeling lucky? Well, maybe you’ll feel a little more fortunate with nails like these. Everyone’s favorite game is now an awesome manicure. Featuring Loteria images like La Sirena and El Corazon, the decals for this mani were created by Cha Cha Covers.

17. Because Avocados are life.

Credit: melvglam / Instagram

Daily reminder that avocados are the good kind of fat so eat up, gente. We’ve had the delectable Latin American native as guacamole and sliced inside a torta but we’ve never had it on our manicures. These cutie ‘cados were hand painted by Colorado nail technician Melinda X Vang.

18. This mani will make you feel like you’re on a Mexican vacay.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

During these cold winter months, we could use a vacation to somewhere warmer. However, if you can’t sneak away down south, your nails can at least say “I’m ready for Spring Break.” Yet again, Ami Vega brings a Latinx-vibe to nail art with her hand-drawn chilis, maracas, and tacos.

19. A manicure to that will have you singing “Recuérdame.”

Credit: chachacovers / Instagram

We still haven’t gotten over the feels from Disney’s Coco. It’s cool, though, because we can turn our manis into makeshift ofrendas to honor Mama Coco and the familia. These decals from Cha Cha Covers make us go “Un Poco Loco” over this look.

20. Man-Go get this mani, ASAP.

Credit: nail_paintings_by_rupa / Instagram

Vibrant and irresistible. Do you think we’re talking about the fruit or describing this cool mani? The build-up of greens, red and yellows create nail art almost good enough to eat. This delicious artwork comes all the way from Bangladesh where Nail Paintings by Rupa creates next level manicures.

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