9 Latina EDM Artists You Need On Your End Of Summer Playlist

Finding Latinas in EDM is a lot like finding Latinas in mainstream media – it’s really hard! A 2014 Nielsen Entertainment study found that Latinos made up 29% of the EDM fan base and women make up nearly half of all listeners. So it’s a wonder to me why there aren’t more Latina EDM artists hitting the mainstream. As an EDM lover I’m always on the lookout for female talent and now I’ve turned my focus to Latinas making waves in the game. Here’s my list of the 9 baddest Latina DJs, musicians, and vocalists.

1. DJ Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes is a house music producer and Deep House DJ. She grew up in Colombia and Spain so both country’s rich musical traditions influence her groovy, dark, bass heavy style. She launched her own EDM label In The Loop as well as a podcast by the same name where she plays her favorite tracks and talks music with other DJs and producers. You can find her playing sets all over the world but you can easily find her spinning in LA where she currently resides.

2. DJ Smurphy

DJ Smurphy is an underground Mexican DJ with a distinct ambient synthy experimental sound. She kind of reminds me of a cross between DJ Daedalus and Animal Collective. She’s apparently very dedicated to staying underground because you won’t find much about her online aside from her tumblr and soundcloud. To hear her spin you’ll have to find her!

3. Zuzuka Poderosa

Zuzuka Poderosa is a Brazilian DJ and singer born in Victoria, Brazil, raised in Rio, the West Indies, and in the Caribbean. She’s a great listen if you love a more tropical sound because you can totally hear all of those influences in her music. She’s been called the ambassador of ‘Baile Funk’ in US. A genre that was born in the slums of Rio de Janeiro’s in the mid 80s and approaches topics like crime, poverty, black pride, and oppression. Zuzuka is known for her own special brand of Baile Funk: CARIOCA BASS.


DJ Izla is a Queer Femme New York based DJ and event producer coming up in the ranks. She’s perfect if you have an eclectic taste in music as she incorporates everything from EDM to Latin and Hip Hop into her sets. She is also the founder of Brooklyn’s original queer global bass party AZUCAR, which is steadily gaining popularity and recognition from music fans and party goers.


If you have a love for ambient deep house tracks then BLANCAh is your girl! She’s a Brazilian born DJ, producer and vocalist who embodies the softer side of EDM. She’s signed to Steyoyoke Recordings, a label know for it’s own brand of “Ethereal Techno,” which is more experimental, melodic, and firmly planted in the underground scene. She fills out their roster along with artists like: Soul Button, Dahu, Nick Devon and MPathy.

6. Christina Tamayo

South Side Chicago born Latina, Christina Tomayo is becoming well known for her deep, airy vocals and soulful EDM collaborations. And on top of being an amazing vocalist she is also making moves as a Drum & Bass DJ, promoter, and MC too. Tomayo has had airplay on BBC Radio 1 and Red Bull Music Academy Radio. She’s also bridging genres by collaborating with Hip-Hop artists like Submorphics, Calculon, Jon Iler, Raashan Ahmad, Level 2 and Dave Owen.

7. Sonya Alvarez

She’s a Detroit based DJ who’s switching up the EDM scene with her creative performance style. She spins techy house beats but is becoming known for the unique way she spins and cuts the tracks like hip-hop. She has opened for DJs such as Kill Frenzy, Roger Sanchez, Solardo, Anna Lunoe, Will Clarke and Gene Farris. And she holds a residency with Golf Clap’s Country Club Disco too!

8. Érica Alves

Calling all synthesizer enthusiasts! São Paulo-based singer-songwriter and producer Érica Alves is right up your alley. She started doing lo-fi recordings in her bedroom at age 12, since then she has been in and collaborated with various indie-rock and psych-pop bands, but is now working on her solo project. It’s not music you’ll hear blasting in the club, but it’s definitely a unique expression of electronic music.

9. Daniela Albán

Daniela Albán Is an underground DJ, producer and visual artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador. She is known for her Deep, Techno, Dub, Minimal and House fusion mixes. In 2009 she started mixing EDM tracks at parties and fell in love with DJing. She also plays various instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano and synthesizers) that she incorporates into her sets.

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